Thursday, June 3, 2010

KLutz gets a poster & Jackson gets 1/2 a page. Um, wtf?

Today was my day off & I was feeling pretty lazy. I considered going to Borders, grabbing some Seattle's Best coffee & perusing the isles, but I was feeling a bit "unattractive" today & didn't want to go to "that" particular Borders in my yoga pants & t-shirt. Those are always the days I end up running into someone I know. Isn't it always that way?! It's also near a Target...which is my own personal heroin. Better that I stay away from Target when I don't have $ to burn. So... instead of going to the Borders near my house, I drove 15-20 min. out of my way to go to Barnes & Noble because it happens to be near a Trader Joe's which happens to have cheap bottles of good wine. I am so weird. Plus, I figured the likelihood of running into anyone I knew would be slim.

As I walked through the doors of Barnes & Noble I pretty much knew what section I was headed towards...THE TABLE. I nonchalantly scanned every isle and finally found it towards the back of the store.. Much to my dismay, they didn't really have anything new. I guess the Eclipse-loot isn't out yet. I should have known. What I did lay eyes on was the NEW "US Magazine Sexy Stars of Eclipse"...which of course I nervously snapped up & hid under my arm. Is it weird that I felt embarrassed walking up to the check out counter with a magazine filled with HOT young men? Well I did, and thank gawd it wasn't some young good looking 23 year old college guy like last time. Phew.

Once back in the safety of my condo, I plopped down on the couch to take a peek. Here are some of the highlights...

I couldn't resist.

If I was 13, it would be on my bedroom wall.

Shh Rob, it's our little secret.

hmm, maybe I can sneak this onto the back of one of the doors...

WOAH, hello there Kellan.

Wait a minute...Kellan get's a poster & a tighty whitey shot, yet Jackson is left with 1/2 a page???

Jackson gets not even 1/2 a page...WTF?!

No offense to Kellan, but I thought that was kind of lame... Lucky for us, some brand new Nylon Magazine out-takes of our man Jackson happened to surface today :) If you don't already have Jacksonitis, be forewarned.

Jackson...damn you sexy thing.

If looks could kill...

MOS at it's best.

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  1. Stay with yout Nylon mag. I will definitely get that mag. The poster of Kellan will go great at work with my Rob calendar and the Jackson pic on my desktop. It's what I call well rounded (or is that fickle?)

  2. @TwitardedMom- Nope, totally WELL ROUNDED ;)
    xo J

  3. I had to ask for help finding the magazine at my Borders. Luckily it was a friend of my hubby's so he didn't dare laugh at me or say anything. Not that I cared if he did :) LOL!!

  4. I've been looking at these all day....sigh....

  5. Mmm, those photos of Jackson are super yummy.

    But, my, my, my, Kellan in his undies simply owns me.

    Btw, you are super sweet, and extra awesome for thinking of me and just for wanting to send me the poster. I will never forget this, just so you know. :D

  6. Kellan- Hawt!
    Jackson-swoon... (thank goodness for Nylon!)

    Happy Friday!

  7. HOLY SHIT! I didn't know the "Sexy Stars" was out. I must have them all. My Twilight and NM Sexy Stars are still intact though. I don't take out the posters cuz I'm a purist (and my husband will rip them up)

  8. @Mox- I only had the New Moon one prior to this one & normally don't rip out the posters either, but did for the blog ;) Plus I'm sending the Kellan poster to Jelena. Poor girl gets ripped off with no mags like this in Serbia.

    @Dangrdafne- Oooh nice to have a friend in Borders, that always helps ;)
    xo J

  9. PMSL - you are not weird, the logic of which store you chose to go to totally made sense to me.

    I want that mag! I haven't bought any mags yet, but that looks like a good 'un. And I love the pic of your hand covering Taycob.

    w/v: vired! No joke!!

  10. I'm OK with it... more Jackson for... ME! ;)


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