Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kimmel & a GIFT.

Last night the cast of Eclipse filmed a special on Jimmy Kimmel Live called "The Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart." I had signed up for these tickets, but was told they were sold out about a week later. I did eventually receive another email with a chance to get tickets to view the show from an outside area, where the cast would come out following the show. Believe it or not, I didn't sign up. As most of you know, I was in LA on Sat for the Eclipse Convention. I would have loved to have seen them again, believe me, but I do have something called a real life job, bills and an s/o. He's been very supportive of this whole addiction, but I think he might see driving up to LA twice within a 3 day span a little nuts.

Here are the pictures of some of the cast arriving at Kimmel. You've got to love that KStew arrives in jeans and a t-shirt, rather than the snazzy dress she wears for taping. My kinda girl.

Wish I could look that put together in skinny jeans & a tee.

Hello Mr. Pattinson, you're looking rather dapper this evening.
Why must you do things like that with your long fingers....swooooon!

"Yah, I've tapped that."

Here's most of the cast looking on while Rob appears to hand Peter a gift.

Speaking of gifts, I received a gift from one of my bloggy besties Lisa & she doesn't even know it, yet.

GIFT I speak of is.............................


Now I know that quite a few of you have suggested I read this, and your efforts are much appreciated. I totally know what it's like to try and convince someone to read something :) I have definitely had issues with the idea of picturing Edward & Bella as anyone other than their Twilight characters. I tried previously, but could never get past a paragraph or two...that is until I read Lisa's post from last night called The End. It was a combination of hearing how upset she was that it was over and reading her post that pushed me over the edge.

I started reading it last night at work in between emailing Lisa & Dangrdafne of my progress. Of course I started it back up around 10:45pm, after I'd arrived home, showered and survived the earthquake :)....I ended up reading all the way until 1:15am. I admit that at first it was hard to read the words Bella & Edward and not think of them as human and vampire. BUT, eventually I found a groove. I am picturing Bella as Bella from the Saga (just pretending Twi never happened) and Edward as Robert Pattinson. I tried picturing him as Twilight Edward, but that didn't last long. Lisa posted a beautiful pic of VF Rob, which aided in my visualization. Here is another VF pic that I feel is quite appropriate for this particular Mr. Edward Cullen.

He can tie my hands above my head and go crazy.

I also can't help but picture a mixture of the above Robert Pattinson pic, and this guy, during some of the lemons...

Maybe more of an American Psycho Chritian Bale, but you get the idea.

If anyone is hesitant, I definitely recommend giving Master of the Universa aka MOTU a try. It is HOT & the writing is very well done. Feel free to express your opinions in the comments, but please no spoilers since I'm only about 19 chapters in. Thanks!



  1. HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that picture of Christian Bale is effing HOT. Good call, although it's still VF Rob who is fifty shades of sexy to me.

    And damn it all to hell I wished I lived in California. You have so many opportunities that you have to pick and choose. Not fair!

    I told DD that I feel like we're starting a MotU newborn army. LOL!



  2. @Lisa- It's weird, I just picture Christian Bale's body, during some of the sex scenes. No offense Rob...lmao!

    Speaking of living in CA...did Sue tell you she is going to see Bobby Long at the Troubadore and Marcus Foster at Hotel Cafe'...in hopes of seeing THE PRECIOUS. I am so jealous...I mean I COULD go, but I just really shouldn't spend any $ right now. I need to be good ;)

    PS He's coming to SD too...Bobby Long....ES & I might go to that show, since it doesn't involve driving 2 hours.

    xoxo J

  3. Do you know when the Jimmy Kimmel thing airs - or did it already? I forgot all about it. I think you did better going to TwiTour :)

    I am soooo happy that you are enjoying MotU :) woo hoo

  4. I just HAD to tell you I was soooo picturing Rob instead of Twilight Edward as Fifty and I was also thinking of Christian Bale too!!! A thought popped into my head while reading it, I literally thought 'oh my god this Fifty guy seems a little like Christian Bale in American Psycho' lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    You will not be disappinted in this story!

  5. @kassie- That is so funny! I totally thought American Psycho when she first got to his condo! I still don't know why you all call him Fifty, I'm sure that is still to come. I'm at the part where his Mom shows up at his condo unexpectedly and Bella has just spent the night for the first time.....
    xo J

  6. Oh Jen, what a fantastic non Robsten fic to start reading! MotU is simply wonderful. Biel has created a video tribute to the fic and I have linked it here just in case you haven't seen it. YUM! There are no spoilers just the general vibe...


  7. JEN!!! Yay!!! That's definitely one of the best ones, and I'm SOOOOO glad you're reading it!

    Also? Christian Bale fucking killed me - that pic is SO DAMN HOT. I love him. YUM. I think I need to read MotU again and picture him this time. Died.

    The "Fifty" thing is coming soon after where you said you are (if I remember correctly). All will make sense. :) Yay!

  8. Dude, I can't beLIEVE you held out so long!

  9. That is why I have not started reading it. I can't get past it but I have heard so much about it I may have to check it out.


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