Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obligatory KStew Post, With New HAWT Pics!

I will admit that this blog is about 70% random Twilight related & hopefully somewhat creative posts & about 30% late breaking news and or pics. See Mrs. P, I'm using those math skillz again! Proud? lmao... I guess I'm saying this just so you know what you're getting yourselves into if you're a new follower *waves at new followers!* I can't ever promise late breaking news, as my left side bar forewarns...but I do love posting new pics when I can.

Anyhoo since I love KStew so much, here are some new pics of her from the Eclipse promotional tour in Sweden, as well from the "Love Ranch" (did your mind just skip to The Bunny Ranch? Yup mine did too...and I guess that's what it's about) premiere in Hollywood on June 23rd (yay she's back in Cali just in time for the premiere!) Her co-star/friend from The Runaways, Scout Taylor-Compton is in the movie, as well as Mr. Billy Black, aka Gil Birmingham...."still dancin'."

Not sure how to say "sex kitten" in Swedish, but damn she looks hawt!

Love her dress.

And here she is at the Love Ranch premiere...

Her skin is amazing. That is all. No, that is not all. She will age beautiful because she doesn't seem to purposefully tan. Go girl!

I love her genuine no holds bar smile. She's so beautiful.

Rock it girl, rock it!

And, did you see the EW covers? Kristen looks FANTASTIC (in my opinion)...but the boys? TC said it best when she dropped the "Brokeback Mountain" bomb. I couldn't agree more.

New inside pic!

I give a Crapsten.

If you missed my earlier post called "Tent City & The County Fair" go HERE!

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  1. Interesting that they put Rob/Tay together..then again I guess they couldn't do the Robsten thing huh? I better get the Rob one in my mailbox!! Hate when it's multiple covers & you always get the one you don't want!! I like that it's kinda a candid shot rather than all posed & smoldering :-)

  2. LOL jeez the Brokeback thing = I can't see the cover and not think it. They almost bumped noses tonight on Kimmel too!

  3. Wow, I really do love that first dress. Finally they put her in something other than black. Would love to see the rest.

    I like the one of Rob and Taylor together. Very much.

  4. All I know is I had better be receiving that ROb cover in my mailbox tomorrow.

    And I do agree, The Stewstress is beautiful. I would kill to have a body like hers. (I already have the coloring. LOL)

  5. Wow she can smile! I love seeing pictures of her where she does not look stoned and she is actually smiling! They were so cute on Jimmy Kimmel last night and I thought she was enduring. Blythe was wonderful! I loved how she would not let them say she was a better Victoria (Even though I think she is!)

  6. I love her cover, honest to god, the girl does not take a bad picture. She is quite photogenic.

    Now for the boys, I'm not sure what to think about that cover.... um... okay.

  7. I wonder if it will be the subscription covers or just the newstand covers - they did that to me the last time.

    She is a beautiful woman.

    All I can think of in the trinity picture is she looks like a sex kitten with her pose. Like she got caught taking a breath from seeing the boys and was thinking very dirty thoughts.

    I am with Jelena too and I want to see the rest of the "red" dress.

  8. I give a Crapsten, too!!! She looks amazing and I love that last picture. Look at the body language: she's turned into Rob, she's grabbing his shirt, they're heads are touching, her boob is...well, you get the idea. Robsten lives!!




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