Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Came First: Stephenie's idea or Melissa's?

First off, a quick note on Jenna Bush who is suddenly ... a Today Show correspondent? She did an interview with The Precious on Monday am and the Today show covered a bit of the Twi Con... OK, note to Jenna: IT IS NOT 'ROB PAT'! Get with the program, if you're going to go generic, go Rob or RPATTZ (I do understand you can't really call him The Holy Grail or Sparkly Peen or The Precious on-air, but really, don't make up stupid nicknames). Secondly when Matt Lauer asks her about her hearthrobs as a kid? Really? Uh she's in the Twired age-range, did she forget?

Alright, so. I am actually going to post something slightly insightful/serious... something non peen-related... WHAT?! Well, I'm sorry but it just has to be said, and I will try my damndest to insert the word 'peen' somewhere.

I will start with this: Several mos ago when Jen and I first watched New Moon on DVD (of course we started with the extra shtuff), I was confused as to why Bree was being made into such a big deal-she had like 3 lines in the book-who effing cares? Give Jasper more screen time instead! I kept seeing these mini interviews around with Jodelle Ferland... Huh what? Why such a big deal?

We've all seen the ECLIP where the Volturi are watching the newborns... Am I wrong? If so, or to refresh your memory:

If you're like Jen and I, you thought "WTF!?" and then continued to muse, 'hmmm there's an alternative, there's no evidence in Eclipse to suggest it DIDN'T happen that way.'...We were just never really fed that via Stephenie. Well, last Friday night in an attempt to kill time in preparing for the twicon (I'm the girl that consistently packs for Australia an hour before leaving for LAX) and in a subconscious attempt at being very vague towards my gorgeous sister in regards to my wardrobe, I perused some of my (our) favorite blogs, as it had been sooo long and I am so guilty for it. Anyhoo I came across http://twitarded.blogspot.com/2010/06/thankfully-short-second-life-of-bree.html First thoughts as I read the title and saw the cover pic- HUH!? Is this 'book' a parody or real? As I read on I decided the book must be read... Breecrap as it may be, it still has ties to the CULLENS and I've been starved for anything new and Culleny! So over to Stephenie's website I went and read it... ahem, skimmed it for the words 'edward', 'bella', 'cullen', jacks... i mean, Jasper, etc.

I got bored, until I read pg 77 (http://www.breetanner.com/) Huh... The volturi... Victoria... Riley... BEFORE the attack. Suddenly I thought back to the ECLIP. Conclusion: Either Stephenie had been working on this before the screenplay was written up for Eclipse or she wrote this after Rosenberg/Slade decided on that bit with Jane, Felix and Demetrius. Regardless, it's a good tie-in. I haven't done serious research, just small perusals and I may just be totally in the dark so if you know what came first, leave it in the comments.

Anyway I have to say I agree with JJ's post on all counts. It is worth reading just for the novelty of getting some Cullen back in ya. (Esp the last several pages-gives a whole new perspective on what was going on with Victoria/newborns/The Volturi. Those last pages are a much lesser version of what it was like reading Midnight Sun-a different perspective that gives you a bit of extra insight. I won't spoil the last pgs bcz those and pgs 77-80 are the most read-worthy.

There, read those if you're skeptical about the rest, I promise for us Cullen-obsessed, they are worth it.

But wait, Elusive S, you forgot to say 'peen'.

Oh Jackson, you're right... OK:
....................................................... PEEN! Peen of wrath? Bone of Rath... Wrath's Bone, Sparkly Rath Bone, Peen de Bone....

I could go on and on now, thanks for that, Jackson. I was trying so hard to deliver a different message here today-one that shows us twitards really do pay attention to details other than peens. SIGH. Anyhoo, since I made such an atrocious error in your eyes, Jackson, I have referred to YOUR peen instead of the expected Holy Grail's.

Evasivo S fuera!


  1. I literally just read this interview w Melissa Rosenberg yesterday over at Pattinson Gallery... I think it was Stephi's idea first but Melissa thought of something like that happening when she was writing the script and then they collaborated on it so check it out hope it helps.


    PS 'Peen de Bone' love it!

  2. FAAAAASCINATING.....say it like ARO! Love ur pic.
    xo J

  3. Hard hitting investigative journalism at So Twired, I like it!! I have the book at home, I haven't read it yet, though, hopefully soon(ish).

  4. Are you suggesting the timing of the book and movie releases with crossover material was done to increase sales of both? Errr, okay I am.

    sorry jenna B. but JT so not the same level of crush as "RPat" but I forgive her and blame Matt for his constant intolerance of Rob's fame. I hope Matt's wife is a huge Twilight fan and loves Rob like the rest of us. ;)

  5. LMAO: "but really, don't make up stupid nicknames." Yeah! Leave that to US! LOL. Good post! I hadn't noticed that part of the preview, but it makes sense. I read the book and kind of found the whole thing a little contrived, but I do want to know more about Freaky Fred. I'm thinking he could be "Freaky" like freaky-deaky. And played by someone hawt like Chris Pine.

    Jenna: blech.

  6. I really wish that she would have written some of the back story of Alice and Jasper. I love Jackson's little side smile. He is a perfect Texas gentleman. I agree with your point about the Volture.

  7. Hmmm...some serious theories to ponder, Jen. I think you are right that since Bree decided to show up rather prominantly in Eclipse that they decided she needed a little more "describing" so then Steph released the book.

  8. @Mrs. P- This was actually my Sisters post...yup, she throw them in there now and then...shocking! ;)
    @Nocona- I agree!

    @MB- PMSL at "Freaky deaky!" he he

    xo J

  9. Sorry ES...I'm sorry I gave the credit to Jen. Great post!

  10. @Mrs. P- She wont be offended...she is so ellusive after all. Or....I'm just a control freak...maybe a bit of both.

  11. If you remember, when Edward sees the Volturi come he makes a comment to the Cullens and then to them about having been there a second earlier and they could have done the job for themselves (meaning taken care of the Cullens). I figured that they were in on it some and it was even mentioned during the figuring out who was in Bella's room.

  12. @ Simple Complexity: Exactly, but that point was ambiguous which gave room for stephenie to elaborate from Bree's perspective...

    @ Jen: Definitely both control freak (you) and elusive (me).;)

    @ Mrs P... s'ok, I'll forgive ya! :D & Thanks.

    @ Nocona.. I completely agree... I want Alice's backstory!!!!!!!!!!

    @ Musing Bella: JB BLEH AND A HALF!! So agree.

    @ Tongue Twied: I bet Mrs Matt Lauer has such an Edward crush and spends all her time reading dirty Twi porn FF ! :D So, he's mad. Heh.

    @Dangerdafne: We do a bit of hard hitting twirnalism every so often ;) glad you enjoyed... def at least skim the bree book.


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