Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Want Spoilers Like A Fat Kid Wants Cake.

And you don't? If you're a tight lil' Eclipse Virgin, you may want to run along now. Sorry!

I did not include the Eclipse sneak peak from the MTV movie awards in my earlier post, AWKWARD ADORKABILITY, because the post itself was long enough :) I see you nodding your head up and down, I can take a hint :) jk

If you missed it, or simply want to watch it again and again and again...here it is!

The real school parking lot confrontation starts like this:

Eclipse Page #77

"You could have called us," Edward said in a steel hard voice. "Sorry," Jacob answered, his face twisting into a sneer. "I don't have leeches on my speed dial." "You could have reached me at Bella's house of course." Jacobs jaw flexed, and his brows pulled together. He didn't answer. "This is hardly the place, Jacob. Could we discuss this later?

As you can see in the book, Jacob shows up at the school parking lot to confront Edward over the fact that Emmett crossed the treaty line in an attempt to chase off Victoria. Naturally, Paul attacked him for crossing the treaty line, & a wolf vs vamp fight ensued. Meanwhile, Victoria gets away. Bella has no idea about any of this because Edward whisks her off to Florida to visit Renee. Perfect timing Edward.

Reading back through it, (because you know it's been sitting on my bedside table for months) I realized that that brand new clip was significantly better than I originally thought. The only part that bugs is that Bella doesn't go jump onto Jake's bike and get whisked away into the mist. The principal breaks it up. Bella sneaks off on Jake's man-bike while Edward is off on a hunting trip. Right? Ugh, too exhausted to go back & flip through the pages AGAIN. However I now have a renewed sense of desire to finish re-reading Eclipes for the um..5th? time...


On to the kick ass new stills! I apologize in advanced for my comments, I couldn't help myself.

Edward Cullen, I want you like a fat kid wants cake.
Just sayin'.

Bella's inner turmoil...hot or cold, soft or hard? PICK COLD & HARD!

Party at Billy's...woot woot! I hope to gawd the wolf pack is in better shape this time around.

Alice: "I smell wet poodle! Oh, it's just your hair. Sorry Jas."

They have "intense" down.

OMG. Emmett reminds me of this dude.
As for Rosalie, yay for non-hideous wigs!

Jessica: "Edward could so kick that Indian kids ass!"
Eric: "Oh shit, it's that kid from LA PUSSSHHHHHHH"

Angela: "Ummm...."
Mike: "Oh no he didn't!"

Charlie: "Take your feet off the coffee table. I am the law."
Bella: "Srsly?"


Kristen: "So if, um...uh...if...Jake tries to jump through my window... again, can I taze him?"


( from Pattinson Ladies)

Find a few more pics here.



  1. This is the first time I've seen that Eclipse clip (because I didn't watch the MTV awards), and OMG, that was bad - Bella getting on Jake's bike I mean. How horrible. Why would they do that? I don't like it one bit. But, I love everything else, and I'm really excited to see it now. I cannot wait.
    I love those photos btw. I did a post on them too, today. :D

  2. What the hell! She would have never left on Jacobs bike in front of Edward!!! I thought this movie was going to get it right for once. Edward looks the best he has ever looked though out of all of the movies.

  3. @Jelena & Nocona- I know...the bike part really bugged me. She would have NEVER done that in front of Edward. She does it when he's out of town and being watched my Alice.

  4. *SPOILER*

    I just want to assure you all that although Bella does get on Jake's motorcycle in front of Edward its not as bad as you think b/c then we quickly get to the story of the wolves and how they came to be... it works as a transition piece so the tent scene and fight scenes can be longer. You dont want them to cut parts out of the tent scene, do you??? lol... but its not as bad as they make it look in the clip

  5. @Kassie- I LOVE you for telling me that like a fat kid loves cake! :) YAY! I have faith...I'm sooo excited!

  6. "The only part that bugs is that Bella doesn't go jump onto Jake's bike and get whisked away into the mist. The principal breaks it up." YES And then they write on each other's notebook paper in class to discuss what really happened. I love that part in the book, because it's like something that would have actually happened if you were fighting with your bf in high school.

    I hope kassie's right and it means a better tent scene.

    LOL - w/v "wintess" - can I get a wintess???

  7. I sure hope so. That was a cute part in the book when he was teasing her. Can I just say they better not mess up the engagement scene.

  8. Can you believe Eclipse is just right around the corner? Shit. We need to make this high last though, cause after that. It will be a long time till Breaking Dawn. Damn Summit!

  9. I forget how much I miss seeing Rob as Edward until I see the stills/clips.

    ...PICK COLD & HARD...PMSL! Hell, yes!

    I was so bummed to find out from Kassie and Marie (Twilight Junkies Anonymous) that the sleepover with Alice isn't in the movie :(


    P.S.: Doesn't look to me like the wolf pack is in any better shape than they were before, exclusing Jacob and Paul.

  10. Wait! Forgot to say that picture for the link with Emmett freaked me the fuck out, woman!

  11. @Lisa- OH NO! That is the only part that I really wanted...how lame. There is something so endearing when Alice paints Bella's toes.... I was going to post about that...:( I even took a pic of my toe's that I painted BLOOD RED.
    xo J

  12. Sorry, girlie! You can still show us your blood red toenails. You did show us your blood red allergic reaction and blood red sunburn after all. PMSL!

  13. @Lisa- I just might show you all....LMAO! I think you'll like todays post...it's fuckhawt & adorkable!


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