Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goodbye Fifty. Until we meet again...

So it's over. I finished MOTU. Since Lisa already wrote a great post when she finished it, I'm not even going to try. I'll just say this...READ IT.

I was so apprehensive about reading any ff's that used the names Bella Swan & Edward Cullen, outside of the context of Twilight. As a hardcore skeptic, believe me when I say that you get over it. You find your groove so to speak.

This was "Bella Swan," to me.

This was Fifty, aka Edward Cullen, to me.

I might as well admit that during some of the lemons, I pictured a different body for Fifty...NOT saying Rob has a bad body at all, but for some reason I could only see his face. The body was different...tan, muscular & defined.

Anyhoo, I'm sad that's it's over...but pleased with the direction it went. Of course I want more, don't we all? But sometimes things are better left as is. That is all.

Wait! P.S. Thx u Dangrdafne & Lisa!



  1. So glad you read it and loved it! One of my fave fan fics ever! *sigh* I miss Fifty...hopefully we'll hear from him again ;)

  2. OMG, Master of the Universe is one of my all time favourites! I miss you Fifty!

    I'm also currently reading University of Edward Masen. Has anyone else read this one and noticed the similarities between Profward and Fifty? I even picture the same apartment, etc. Can get a tiny bit confusing at times but I can't get enough!

  3. I am so glad you gave it a try and that you liked it so much! I am sorry it is over for you too :) Hopefully we will find more Fifty in our futures.

  4. I'm glad you read it!! U of EM is also good (as I_heart_Fifty said), but I think it's a lot different, just because that author brings in sooo much other stuff. It's still a great read, just different. But I do see similarities between Profward and Fifty.

    Dare I recommend you try Clipped Wings and Inked Armor?

  5. Welcome to the club, Jen!!! You know how happy I am that you read MotU and loved it. Great review of the story from your perspective, and I love the pics you included for your vision of Bella and Edward (b&w - woo hoo!).

    @LuvsMeSumEdward - I really hope she does a sequel!

    @I_heart_Fifty - I wasn't sure if you loved MotU or not. LOL!! I commented over on Twitarded one day that I loved your blogger name :) I am going to start reading UoEM this week, actually. A fellow blogger, Tongue Twied, has assured me that I will love Profward and that reading UoEM will help me get past the mourning I have been doing since I finished MotU. I am glad to hear you make the comparison between these two stories, too.

    @Dangrdafne - Thanks for the link to the MotU zazzle merchandise. I am definitely ordering a t-shirt and will be wearing it in FORKS!

    @All - Don't forget that the author of MotU is writing an outtake to help raise money for Alex's Lemonade through the Fandom Gives Back. Details are on her website, and the direct link is on my blog post if you do happen to take a peek at it. More Fifty for a good cause? Total win!

  6. I am going to have to read it now. I really have a hard time getting past the change in the story but I will try now. I am reading The List on FF right now.

  7. @Nocona- What is The List about...without giving too much away...and YES read MOTU. I never in a twizillion years thought I'd get into it. Now, I'm so glad I did.

  8. @17foreverlisa: I remember! Someone else had commented that they had no idea what my name was about... ;) You will love UoEM too, although I do get a little frustrated at incomplete fics as I'm so damn impatient!

    BTW Jen, you HAVE TO read Clipped Wings and Inked Armour if you haven't already, this one popped my fanfic cherry and I think i'll always consider it one of the greatest. Sigh...

  9. Oh yeah, and The List is also amazing - it's a re-take on Breaking Dawn, basically, and it's the only canon fic (is that what it's called when it's in the twilight universe?) i've read. Fabulous.


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