Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jen Gets Her Boob Grazed & ES Does The Splits!

Sat night Twilove1 (Sue) & I carpooled to the "Twilight Night" event (PFach appearance & outdoor movie viewing!) at our local ball park, Petco Park. We left my place just before 2pm. We knew the doors would open at 5:30pm and that the first 1,000 people were supposed to get some sort of Twi-goodies. When we got there the line was approximately 150-200 (?) people long. Luckily we had "connections" a little further up in line! LuvsMeSumEdward (Jessica) asked us if we'd like to join her & her Sister. There was a ball park security guy who came around every so often to take counts...he allowed us to include ES, who joined us around 4pm, which I thought was cool. After a few hours of sitting around and chatting about all things Twi, the line eventually started to move, and we were SLOWLY herded into the park that is attached to our baseball stadium. As we were being being allowed in, Sue caught site of this...


I heard some muffled screaming & realized Mrs. P was still in my bag....from the convention!
Poor thing. Go Pads!

L-R Here is Sue, ES, myself and Jessica posing with our FREE shirts!
Too bad they have the dream-catcher and wolf pack tattoo in the background. GAG.

Once inside the park we saw that a band was playing (War Hero's???) and a few different booths were giving away free stuff such as Vitamin Water, Popcorn, buttons etc... They also had a red carpet set up with barricades. Since quite a few Twitards were posing on the red carpet for fun, I assumed that that was it's purpose. After perusing the booths we decided it was best to go stake our claim on a spot to watch the movies. Sue brought her Edward blanket and ES & I couldn't wait to sit on his face ;)

In fact, ES even did the splits! Dirty h00r.

After getting freaky with Edward, ES went in search of some libations...a beer or maybe even a glass of wine to sip during the movie. About 15 minutes later she walks back with a stack of nachos, no drinks in site...WTF?! "It's a dry event..." she says, with a look of horror & panic. She said she could see the beer behind the concession stand but it wasn't available for purchase. Guess it was just there to tease her ;) Anyways, after we got over the shock of it being a dry event, we started getting pumped for Peter Facinelli, however we had no idea how the whole thing would go down. I think most of us just expected him speak to us from one of the stages that had been set up.

"Twitard Hill."

After enjoying our nachos and chatting about all sorts of Twi-things, ES pointed to a crowd that had gathered around the red carpet. By the time we stopped debating whether or not we should join the crowd, it was about 10 ppl deep. She then had the idea to go stand against the barricade in front of a stage the band had been using, almost certain that he would eventually make his way over. No one was standing there and though we figured it was along shot, it was a shot nonetheless. After about 15 minutes of waiting, Christian Serratos arrived...oh yah, I forgot to mention she took the place of Edi Gathegi. She is sooo tiny & I couldn't see her through the line of Twitards. Soon after she arrived we heard screams erupt and Peter was escorted from the ball park up a ramp towards the "red carpet."

Here he is walking up the ramp next to the girl in black.

This was when I lifted my camera up to try and get a shot.
He is to the right of the guy in white wearing a blk hat.
He spent a good 20 min doing interviews and signing stuff on the "red carpet."

Eventually he made his way from the red carpet in our direction.
Doesn't the girl behind him look thrilled!?

Getting closer....

As this point, I sort of panicked. What am I going to ask him? Who's going to take the picture? Do I hand him the camera? Will he have a sharpie? All the while I'm looking at Sue expecting her to be the expert...seeing as she is the Eclipse camping, celeb attention-grabbing veteran. I kid. I also realized that I didn't have anything for him to sign. I'd always been more keen on having pictures of celebs...


Sooo hawt...want to touch the hiney!

Right as he approached us, I asked if he would take a picture with us...he said something to the effect of "I'm sorry but I'm short on time"...though I swear for a second he looked conflicted. I could tell from earlier that he wasn't taking pictures with people, but I figured it was worth a shot. The next thing I blurted out was "Could you please sign my shirt?!" Which of course he did, with his OWN SHARPIE. Duh, celebs usually have their own at events like this. Oh, and I swear to you that his forearm grazed my boob when he leaned in to sign my shirt. NOT ON PURPOSE of course. I love Jennie Garth too much to say anything remotely risque' about Mr. Facinelli.

Here he is signing my shirt (I think)...he had to lean over me to sign the girls stuff behind me,
which gave me the opportunity to get a couple nose hair shots ;)

Here is the pic Sue took of him signing my shirt!

As you can tell he looks very serious. I think he was just trying to sign as much stuff as possible before he had to go up on stage (not the one we were in front!) to do more interviews and Meet n' Greets with local radio contest winners.

He's a crappy pic of me & my PFach autograph.

Eventually they started Twilight on the big screen (awesome, since I had never seen Twilight on the big screen!) after PFach signed again for another 20 min or so. We watched all of Twilight, and New Moon up until the f*ckhawt sex strut. It was unusually cold & damp out, plus I had to work early this morning. Overall we had a great time. A total win.

Here is one more pic of him on stage, and a video from the local radio station that put together the event. Turn down your volume on the vid! It's totally worth watching though because you can see him smiling, unlike a lot of the pictures.

For some reason I couldn't catch him smiling.
btw, he ended up going back and signing for about 30 more minutes prior to them starting the movie.

CLOSE-UP pic of the autograph:

To wash or not to wash, that is the question. What do you think?



  1. can you say JEALOUS!!!!!????

    You are a lucky lady. DON'T WASH!!! EVER!! He not only signed it, he touched it too :)

    Great great pictures. I am do glad you went and had a good time. Tell Sue we are ready for the details of the premiere now :) LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jen ~ you lucky h00r you!!

    I swear as soon as I make it to the west coast we are hooking up for a Twi something!
    I am so freaking jealous!!

    Great post ~ sounds like a good time was had...
    even if it was dry! (WTF BTW!)
    And the above mentioned outing will never take place if you wash that shirt! just sayin


  3. Ok girls, but it's a sharpie. Sharpies don't wash out right? When I used to swim I got some Olympic Swimmers autograph on a shirt and it remained in tact.

    Hmmm...guess I could just make another Twired shirt. But I just made that one the night before LOL....

  4. Oh YAY!!! How fun is that!!!! You guys look great! Peter looks twired. (Jennie G. keeping him up too late.)

    So happy you for you guys that you were able to meet him. He's always been so gracious about his fans. (isn't that what he tells Bella? he he)

  5. The next best thing to being there was getting the text messages and pictures from you and Sue while you were there. I was LMAO at ES doing the splits on Edward's face!!

    If it were my shirt, I would not be able to wash it. I would be put away with my collection along with a print out of this post. Then I would make another shirt :)

    @TT - You've got mad Twilight-quoting skillz, girlie.

  6. Can I just say that this post is a total win cause you quoted Billy it! Great recap of the night! I had such a great time hanging out with you ladies :) Petah was super sexy and I thought it was awesome how much time he took to spend with the fans, great guy! And the boob signage was EPIC, lucky lady! So what's our next Twi event?? ;) Oh and don't wash the shirt...I don't know if sharpie comes out but I'd be too nervous to risk it. Just make another Twired shirt...then you can make your sis her Jacksonitis shirt while you're at it! Lol :)

  7. Let me start with your last question... DO NOT WASH!!!! I got a t-shirt autographed by one of my fav Chicago Bears players and I fucking washed it and the ink came out right away, it was black sharpie on a white shirt too.

    Now that I'm done telling you what to do lol... that is so awesome I could only imagine all the fun you had and I love all the close up pics of PFach he's so freaking hot.

    And btw the Padres are pretty cool... I'm a White Sox fan but a guy on the Padres Luke Gregerson and I went to high school together, I used to do the books for baseball games, so Go Padres!

  8. WHAT! Don't you DARE wash that shirt!

  9. @LMSE- What Billy Madison quote?! LMAO that I don't know...

  10. BAHAHAHA I just posted as you, I guess I never got logged out of the sotwired email... :P
    Let's repeat from my perspective:

    @Jen "Sooo hot, want to touch the hiney" (Billy Madison... we will watch it, it is one of my absolute faves).

    PS DON'T EFFING wash it!

  11. I deleted it ;) LMAO!

    I wont now, enough people have convinced me. I'll make another. Let's make em' Wed? Just get a shirt from Target...the one like I had was $6 ;) I have some letters left over but need more. Those damn iron-on's were like rocket science at first!

  12. I can't find that MOS pic with him in bw with the microphone... i don't have it saved and i don't know how i don't and i cant find it ANYWHERE!!!! Do you know which one/where it is?

  13. One we took or one from the internet?

  14. It looks like you guys had a freakin' amazing time!!!!Peter looked gorgeous - you lucky, lucky girls!!!! I can't believe they didn't do one of those Twilight night things here in Chi-town.

    You should totally frame that shirt! That's what I would do.

  15. Don't wash that thing! Ever!! :) I love PFach! I met him in ATL and got my pic taken with him...a prized possession for sure! I'm sure the boob graze was totally intentional. :) You guys are so cute! Love the pics! I'm totally jealous that you had a Twilight Night close to you. The closest for me would have been a 5 hour drive. Not out of the question, but I just didn't have time on such a short notice. boo.

  16. Beyond awesome! Love your pictures :) PFach is so cool.

    Next time, assume all Twilight functions are "dry" and you should sneak in the booze.

  17. @Jen Omg...have you not seen Billy Madison?! One of my faves too, so many good lines to quote :)

  18. HOLY BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This post makes me miss San Diego SO MUCH *sniffle*

    The caption "Twitard Hill" cracked me UP!!! HA HA HA!!!

    Papa Cullen sounds like such a sweetie!!!! I live about 30 min away from where he and Jennie live Santa Ynez Valley! You should come down sometime (they have great wine too;) )

  19. ** UP. You should come UP sometime! ;) See what I said about the whole grammar?!?


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