Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black & White Is Always Better & Even Newer Clips!!!

Lame post title, I know...on with the pics...

The camera angle we didn't get to see live...when he actually kissed her.

If you're a Robsten fan, check out this article by Ted Casablanca from E. It's all the details regarding the interaction between the two at the MTV Movie Awards! CLICK HERE.

AND, 2 more Eclipse clips have been released today. One is an extended version of the parking lot scene that was aired during the MTV Movie Awards, the other is when Bella & Edward go to the Cullens house to discuss the killings in Seattle! IF you're a virgin, don't look below :)

*quick Rob interview prior to clip on this next vid. Oh darn! I guess you'll just have to endure it.

For all you Eclipse Whores...did you see the new stills? If not, check out my last post "I Want Spoilers Like A Fat Kid Wants Cake, here!

*source Pattinsonladies.blogspot



  1. I just watched that last clip three times. Alice and her bad hair is distracting me now!!!!! Thank god Edward will never need a wig..I couldn't take it. Btw...I'd totally let him starve...just a little. Lol!

  2. Cute article, and thanks for the clips! I've almost seen the whole movie now, LOL!!!

  3. Wait until 17foreverlisa sees those black and white pictures of Robsten... wait maybe she did and she is passed out somewhere... I haven't seen her all night.

  4. @Mrs . P- These vids are really getting me excited now. Before I was a little nervous...And yes, the wigs are bad. Bella's not so much now...or at least from the new clips.

    @MB - That article rocked didn't it?!

    @DD- I too adore black and white pics. Lisa & I bonded over that & our love of Robsten, so I always have her in mind when I post blk n whts. She said her internet was being difficult earlier....and I know she's had a rough couple of days at work!


  5. Love, LOVE those black and whites! They're fantabulous. So, let me ask you this, as a complete novice to MTV awards, is it customary for the best kiss couple to kiss when they receive the award?
    In any case, they are totally cute, and I wish they'd come out of the closet already. I'm starting to think Kristen is doing this on purpose, to create the sexual tension between the two of them, know what I mean?

    I will watch the latter clip later. Ever since you emailed me those Kellan CK outtakes, I've subscribed to Twifans, so now I'm in the loop, too. :D
    Btw, thank you for always coming to comment on my blog. I know I don't always get a chance to reciprocate. I'm trying to juggle a few different things at the moment, so I don't have as much free time as I used to.

  6. @Jelena-yes it's customary for the Best Kiss winners to kiss. Aside from Robsten, one of the best was the Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosseling. Looking it up on youtube! They were also a real life couple at the time.
    And no thanks needed. I feel like I don't get over to your blog as much as I should! PS mailing your poster Thurs or Fri...not sure how long it will take to get there???
    xo J

  7. Screw work, I watched that second clip. Oh my, I'm loving Rob in that shirt and tie and freshly shaven.
    I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised by Rosalie's look in that scene. She's beautiful. Except it seems Nikki lost a little weight and that bothers me, as you know. Carlisle on the other hand, looks awful. And so does Alice. Why does the make up department keep doing this to them?
    And I can't believe Bella is going to say "I have Jacob to protect me." UGH!

    Oh, for the poster... you've no idea how excited it's making me feel just thinking about it.

  8. I liked Kristen's fake ponytail look. Why didn't they think to do that in Eclipse?

    Thanks for the second clip. I had not seen it yet. Poor Jackson, LOL, his hair is so wrong! Is he dating that girl from the last airbender?

  9. @TT- Nicola Peltz? She's only 15, so no...not unless he's a pedophile..lmao!

  10. I hate the b&w pics. That is all.


  11. Not buying that? Didn't think so. I LOVE THE B&W PICS LIKE A FAT KID LOVES CAKE!

    I hadn't seen the second clip. You know that saying, "No one puts Baby in the corner"? Well, I just want to say, "No one should shave the scruff off of Rob."

    @Mrs. P - I just don't get how they can eff up their hair so much. Carlisle and Jasper, especially. Ugh!

    @DD - I haven't been online at night much and get spoiled being to keep up with most of you during the day via email. All work and no play is making Lisa a dull blogger :(

  12. @Lisa- LMAO! I really appreciate the fact that you went through all of these posts. Huge kudos. Most importantly I wanted you to see the blk n wht ones, that you "hate" so much.

    xoxo J


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