Thursday, June 17, 2010

Party Time....Excellent!

Why are we throwing a party you ask?

Did Robsten finally announce their undying love for each other? Did Stephanie Meyer announce the completion of Midnight Sun? Did KStew announce she & Rob are shacking up? Have I won tickets to see the Eclipse Premiere in LA? Hmmm...those would surely be things to celebrate, but....

No, no, no & no..........


Pop the champagne, I think a celebration is in order!

Too bad it's not a 1999 Bolinger ;) Oh.......Fifty.
(sorry MOTU inside joke)

Champagne not your thing? Well, we at Twired aim to please;)

Come in, make yourself comfortable.

Take your pick...

Hopefully you have found an acceptable beverage. Now, on to some obvious guests...

ALL 100 of you of course!

Ok, ok...I did try and invite the twi-fecta, but the responses weren't quite what I had envisioned.

I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't have told Rob that LKW would be there.

And maybe I shouldn't have told Kristen how much Lisa & I obsess about her & Rob...

And maybe telling Taylor that Raitz plans on getting him drunk wasn't such a bright idea either...


Guess I need to learn to keep my mouth shut eh? Ahh well, we can have a party without them, right? Right!

Seems like everyone is getting along, so far so good. Hey h00rs, food is on the table in the kitchen if you're hungry...Oh no, Mrs. P seems to be running low on Amaretto & Diet Coke, any volunteers to go grab her some more? Thanks Dandgrdafne , you're always so thoughtful! Geez, JJ, STY & LKW have a crowd surrounding them, glad the Holy Grail of Twi-blogs was able to come. By the way, great cupcakes TC, you have succeeded in killing my diet! Oh that Mox? Christ, she's in a heated debate with Lisa over Kristen's IQ...shit, might have to back up my Robsten loving bloggy bestie. Thank god I have MB & TT to back me up! OH LOOK! The lovely ladies from of Edbrella have just walked in followed by the Twilight Mommy chicks, the Twilight Junkies Anonymous gals and OMG, Jelena made it too! Oh shit....who brought the jello shots? Awww, Mama Cougar, I should have guessed! Wait, who just lei'd me? HG! welcome to party!

Let's hope no one pukes or passes out & everything should be all good.

KNOCK KNOCK.........

Were we expecting anyone else?

Um, someone answer the door for gawds sake!

Fine, I'll do it.


He came.....

and then we all came ;)

Seriously, thank you to all of you that helped TWIRED achieve 100 followers. You know who you are! Truthfully, it was just a fun little challenge to see if we could get there prior to Eclipse, and we did!

It's not all about #'s though, just knowing you enjoy stopping by makes it worth the while.


fully everyone enjoyed themselves at our little shin-dig, and please don't drive drunk!

ECLIPSE VIRGINS, you're dismissed now...

OH, and what celebration would be complete without a NEW ECLPSE CLIP, or as Elusive S likes to say...a new E-CLIP!



  1. I LOVE the twifecta pictures and captions!!! LMAO!!!!

    HAPPY 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!

    I love So Twired!

  2. This is such a fun cool post!! I love it. The pics with the captions is so funny. And he came and then we all came. Priceless! And I'm finally in on the MotU references. On chap 63 right now. My day off and I've been reading pretty much all day. My eyes are buggin!

  3. I'll have one of each drink offering, minus the Diet Coke, and a large order of Rob with a side of Kristen. I'll pass on the Taylor until he's a little more ripe. Great party Jen! I assume I can crash on your Aerobed?


  4. Congrats ladies! I just made it 101! Keep up the good work!

    @Anntastic23 (from @Twi_fecta)

  5. Wooot!!! 100 followers! Awesome! I'll grab a corona, and a few more for Taylor!!!!! LOL!

    Love Taylor's face in the pic! Hope he's not the first to pass out at your party since it's his first time drinking and all.... I don't know WHAT would happen to him at this party if he passed out with some of my fellow Taycob lovers!!

    I came when Rob came too.. great party!!!

  6. @ Raitz - hmmmm I don't drink, so I guess I could protect Taylor or just sit with him not drinking :) Hmmm I like this scenario now ;)

  7. Woo hoo! Congrats on hitting 100 followers!!
    Such a great blog - I lurvvee reading your posts :)

  8. Diet coke and amaretto please, on the rocks. Congrats Jen!

  9. @DD- You know that you were one of our biggest helpers. Thank you again & cheers!

    @L w/ E- he he he those MOTU ref. just kept popping thru my head. I read until 1am...think I ended at 54....then was at Sea World all day today so haven't read yet. Can't wait to get back into it tonight!!! You totally passed me up! I was crying all throughout 52 & 53..

    @MC- You are more than welcome to crash on our aerobed, however I can't promise Lisa wont jump in there with you! ;)

    @Raitz- Glad you had fun, and let's hope we can get Tay drunk one day...might be kinda hot. Just sayin'

    xo J

  10. You girls are awesome! I was so excited when I saw '100' last night.

    Uh Jen, why do we have a toy story ad on the left therrrr? I am worrying about posts regarding toys and cullens... I'm not liking the idea.... not at all.

  11. Congratulations!!!! Thanks for making sure there's boxed wine AND for having my Robsten-loving back.

    *waves at ES*


    Yes, there are 17 of each ;)


  12. @ES- Cause I added "ad sense." PS read MOTU. Give it a chance. Picture someone else if you have to. It will take over your life.

    @Lisa- Only u would think to do that. "17 of each" lmao! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  13. Congratulations of 100! Wahooooooo...

    And I don't understand. Why would Rob be afraid of attending a party I was at? Huh? How could he be frightened of little ol' me??

  14. Congrats, girls!! You're awesome! Love the post. I'll have what Mrs. P is having. Great guest list! :)

    Here's to the next 100!


  15. Woo Hoo Congratulations - so glad you're here.

  16. @Anntastic- THANK YOU for being 101! Hope you'll stick around ;)

    @LKW- Stealing him from the party and hopping the first flight back to the East Coast isn't acceptable behavior. I know what goes through your filthy mind ;)

    @Tess- Thank you!!!

    @Jayla- Thank you to you too!!!

    xoxo girls!

  17. As usual I'm late for the party....But I wanted to tell you congrats!!!!!!! Yay 100! Thanks for including us in your celebration. I'll take a rum and diet coke....oh no rum you say! Well then I'm outta here!


  18. I'm never usually late to the party... I will blame it on the aaaaaaalcohol!! Damn Corona's. Congrats on the big 100! I will take another Corona with lime and a splash of Rob please!!!

  19. Yay! 100..hmmm-how many can we get before BD?!

    I am so damn behind-I have not read any FF at all-I blame Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries & every other damn vampire series I've had my nose stuck to for the last year 1/2. I keep hearing MotU and am totally clueless!! And it sounds HUGE! Guess I've got my summer reading planned huh?

    First thing I thought when I saw the pics was "How did she pry that box of wine outta Lisa's hands?" LOL..gotta luv her ;-)

  20. Hey TJ & ES, Congratulations on reaching 100.

    PS I came just at the thought of Rob!


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