Thursday, June 3, 2010

KStew & Tay, Sizzling Hawt in KOREA!

Fan event in Korea:


I LOVE her eye make up.
And it looks as though she's wearing a bit of a ponytail extension...

I must say Taylor is looking extremely handsome in that suit.

And this, I couldn't resist....

Tay: "Oh my God, I think I just sharted."

: "Yup......."

If you're interested in seeing a video from this particular fan event, click here. If you watch it, notice how the announcer has Kris & Rob move like Robots in order for the photographers to get their pictures. Weird.



  1. I love these pictures of her. She is so pretty. I don't know why she makes public appearances looking so terrible.

  2. Did anyone else notice she looks better when Rob is NOT around. Hmmmmm. Interesting.

    And OMG her and Taylor look like they would make a better couple. Maybe I'm just saying that so Rob can be free for me*cough* I mean us!

  3. Taylor always looks nice, but he always looks the same. Nothing to (over) analyze. Kristen looks AMAZING! As usual, you took the words right out of my mouth - love her eye makeup. The fart caption is perfect!


  4. Kristen looks PHENOMENAL in these pics. I love her eye makeup, too.


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