Friday, June 11, 2010

Could This Be My Last Vid?

.....if The Precious doesn't cause me a heart attack....I might be back.

Sweet Links:

100 Monkeys, *NEW* tour dates! See them here.

Delicious pics of Rob from WFE set with Reese from last night! See them here.

Brand new extended "Doesn't He Own A Shirt" clip. See it here.

Behind the scenes Eclipse footage with Rob!!! See it here.

Thanks to everyone for being so excited for Elusive S & I. We hope to take lots of great pics and have fun stories to tell!



  1. Thank you for providing the pics I was just wondering about (re: Rob and Reese on set)!

    Also--haven't been here in a while and A. love the (new?) banner! and B. HOW EXCITING YOU'RE GOING ON SATURDAY! Did you request the Jimmy Kimmel outdoor Q&A too?! You should, I'm jealous of you CA people. All the fun!

  2. @SFT- Yes it's a NEW banner from Lisa!!! I love it. And as for LA, yes my Sis & I are going to the convention tomorrow morning! SQUEEE! As for JK tix, I had req show tix, didn't get them then got an email about outdoor tix..BUT I am going up to LA already to see Rob, Kris, Tay, Ash, Nik, Jax, Peter etc tomorrow, so driving up again on Monday might be a bit I have to work.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    xo J

  3. I pray that you live to tell the story.

  4. You are so cute! I love the video posts. I am the same way when I go out into the world to buy Twi-stuff!! I'm all, "Oh, just browsing... what's this? Twilight? Hmm... I've heard of that..." LOL. When I bought Edlet last night, I did the same thing. "Oh, they make dolls? Hmmm..." I'm sure no one is fooled, due to the gleam in my eye when I see The Table. LOL

    Thanks for all the links and for the shout-out on Twitter about 100 Monkeys coming to Portland! Have fun, and I can't wait to read all about it!

  5. As always, love your videos :)

    Well, I know for a fact that you and ES survived. Thanks for the text messages and pictures on your drive there and during the break between panels. Living vicariously through you and Twilove1 is the closest I will probably ever get to Rob(sten). Can't wait to hear more about it and see your pictures from the Q&A with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. Something tells me you will post about. LOL!!




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