Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ciao Bella!

I believe this is the first pic of Kristen & Taylor in Rome, promoting Eclipse. I'm sure there will be plenty more pictures surfacing later today. Too bad Rob can't be there.

I know I have said this before, but I can never understand how they look so "rested" after traveling across the world. I know they have hair and make up people, but still.

I'll be back to post tonight. We have a party to throw!



  1. I really like pictures of Taylor and Kristen together. They look so at peace with each other. I really think they are like brother and sister and they are both so beautiful too. Thanks for sharing that pic.

    Oooo I hope I get an invite to the party ;) lol

  2. I totally agree. They always look great. Even after a 4 hour flight I look like I have been spit out of a threshing machine. I sure hope they have hair and makeup people.

  3. @Dangrdafne-Couldn't agree more!

    Great pic.

  4. I love that KStew's hair is finally growing out. She looks cute in the pic.

  5. @DD- Totally agree, it's like they have this fun brother & sister relationship.

    @Munkee- Me too!

    @HG- She looks great, doesn't she?


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