Saturday, June 5, 2010

MOS? How about VOS...oh, and some MTV.

Way back in Nov of 09', Elusive S & I went to our first 100 Monkeys show. Right as Jackson started singing she exclaimed something to the effect of "OMG, Jackson's mouth is like... SEX!" Thus came the acronym "MOS," aka "MOUTH OF SEX."

Well my friends, take a look at this video of Jackson being interviewed by a gal from MTV...turn up your volume and listen to that "VOS," aka "VOICE OF SEX." Holy mother of all things Jackson. His voice alone could possibly make both of our panties spontaneously cum-bust.

Speaking of the MTV movie awards....

Gawd forbid they sit next to each other...

Last year I didn't watch the MTV movie awards...shocker huh? Well I was burned out on them, and thought they kept getting dumb and dumber...WELL, about a month or so later, I got sucked into the vortex that is Twilight. Now of course, I have seen last years "Best Kiss" clip a twi-million times, and am totally SQUEEEING at the idea of watching this years LIVE!

Side note: It hasn't even been a year since I read Twilight for the first time...Almost though...

So at precisely 8pm PST, I'll be curled up on the couch watching the red carpet arrivals. The show officially starts at 9pm PST. I most likely will NOT be on twitter, because you East Coasters & people with fancy TV's (Mandy, cough..cough..) ruin it for us West Coasters.

Are YOU going to watch it??? What do you think of Jackson??? Think Rob & Kris will arrive together or seperate??? Tell me, in the comments!



  1. Gawd almighty. I love that voice. It is sooo sexy. Think I will go look for more JBone videos.

  2. My Jacksonitis is flaring up again!! He looks and sounds amazing in the video. I can't believe you didn't watch the MTV Awards last year. WTF?! Did you see that the video clip they are debuting tomorrow is reportedly only 10 seconds long. Again. WTF?



  3. @TM: Mmmmm Jackson vids of all kinds are yum!

    @Lisa: Nope, I didn't watch it last yr, because the yr before (08') was stupid. PLUS I didn't read twilight till July 09'. So in June 09' I was a Twi-virgin. In fact June of 09' I barely knew who RPattz was (gasp!)...and from the pics I had seen, I thought he was........ugly. OMG! I SAID IT! lmao..

    xo J

  4. I'm hoping to be home to see the show tomorrow... I have to be at a stupid wedding shower ugh. The more I see and hear of Jackson makes me want more and btw I finally know what MOS stands for.. and it is soooooo Jackson. I dont care much for robsten *barf* I just really hope Rob wins for Best Male Performance so I can hear what bumbling shit nonsense he comes up with its so adorkable and makes me love him a little more.

    I watched last year and I thought, ew that guy(Rob) is ugly, I hadnt read or seen Twilight at the time and I when Rob and Kris went up to get the best kiss award I was like wtf are they doing so dont feel bad Jen I think most of us had our moments of thinking Rob wasnt good looking at all lol

  5. @Kassie - Don't barf on Robsten! LOL!

    And I remember the first time I saw him on Ellen promoting Twilight because I record her show every day. I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about (hadn't read the books) because I thought his hair was so greasy. Glad he got rid of that look :)

  6. I will tape the show and watch it on my own time. Hubby won't be interested and we will watch a movie or something :)

  7. @Kassie- Yah, no Robsten hating! LMAO's free speech in Twired comments :) Hope you get home in time to watch! SQUEEEE!

    @Lisa- I thought that too!

    @Dangrdafne- Good, you'll get to watch it in "quiet"...I'm sure I'll have to "SHHH!" my s/o a couple times.

    xo J

  8. LOL I'm just bitter and jealous... pay no attention to the gal behind the curtain :)

    @Lisa-I'm really glad he got rid of the greasy look too

  9. @kassie- we LOVE the girl behind the curtain!


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