Saturday, June 26, 2010

Twitards Aboard!

So the other day I was talking to a couple of my bloggy besties about the "Twilight Nights" event here in San Diego. It's an out door showing of both Twilight and New Moon with celeb appearances (PFach and Edi Gathegi in San Diego!) Scratch that...Christian Serratos took his place...Anyways, one of the gals mentioned that she had looked at plane tickets to San Diego out of curiosity, but that it was ridiculously expensive. That got me thinking...

We in Twitardia need our own private jet!

Imagine it...


or Twitard-Air, or Twihard-Air. The possibilities are endless.

It could be something like this.
Nondescript of course, we don't want anyone to know we're approaching (stalking).

How kick ass would that be? Seeing as So Cal has so many sweet Twilight related events, all of you that don't live near could use the private jet at your disposal. LA Premiere of Breaking Dawn problem! Can't afford a flight to Forks in the Fall...solved! Stalking Robstens future wedding w/ me & Lisa...easy-peasy! Following 100 Monkeys around the globe, painless!

Imagine a similar interior, but totally Twi-chic' of course! :)

Alcohol would flow freely on our flights! Just sayin'...

The private jet could even been used for casual rendezvous' as well! Here are a few examples:

Join Mrs. P for some diet coke/amaretto & dream analysis!
Help MB taste test for Thirsty Thursdays!
Bake Twilight cupcakes with TC!
Go to a ball game and share some boxed wine with Lisa!
Meet Mox at "The Ranch" for a weekend o' fun!
Hop on over to Serbia for a tour of Jelena's hometown!
Join me & ES for Bloody Mary Sundays!

Imagine how much fun we could have! Anyone have a spare twi-zillion dollars lying around?

Have a better idea for the name of our private jet?! Tell me, in the comments.

P.S. PFach pics from tonight's Twi event coming soon! SQUEEEE!



  1. I can contribute $5 to the purchase of this plane. :) Thanks for the shout-out! I love the idea of the private jet. I think we should force Bachelor Jake Pavelka to be the pilot. I can't think of anyone more closely twi-related than that who is capable of flying...

  2. Um...I can think of a pilot...FIFTY!!! lmao!

  3. If I had the money I would definitely create this airline.

  4. Jen, I thought you were being realistic. LMAO - he flies helicopters, though - I'm not sure if it's the same...

  5. @MB- Fifty can do anything he puts his mind...or riding crop too PMSL!

  6. LOL!!! How sweet would this be? Sign me up, and I'll contribute $50, of course ;)


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