Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shmorgishborg of Eclipse Premiere Photos!

Oh my gosh mind is whirling! I watched the "black carpet" coverage tonight primarily from E online. No offense to any other live streams, but it was easier to just stick to one, and I felt "E" talked directly to us...if that makes sense? I was fortunate enough to chat with Dangrdafne & 17foreverlisa during the second half of the live stream. It was a blast to be able to squeeeee together as a 3-some. Thanks girls! I puffy heart you big time!

And without further adieu, THE PRECIOUS...aka...ROBERT PATTINSON! And of course, the rest of the Twifecta at the Los Angeles Premiere of Eclipse!

I admit, at first I was like "WTF?! Is he channeling Hugh Hefner?!"
But then he looked at the camera and smiled and I got over it real fast.
And, the suit looks better in photos than it did on the live stream.

Loving Kristen's dress from the back, but it didn't fit as well in the front.
Not loving the 1 armed thing. But that's just me.
Again, she could wear a paper bag and I'd think she'd look amazing.

Nothing like some Robsten Love.
Come to think of it, they never took any pics together at the New Moon Premiere.
Maybe Summit finally gave up!

Rob: "Get ready, I'm going to tear you up later..."
Kristen: "I'm counting on it."

I love seeing the way they look at each other. It's precious.

Obligatory Taylor photo ;)
He does look handsome, but pretty much always wears the same type of suit.


Holding on for dear life...hey, if he was mine I would too!

Ok folks, that is all
for now. I know more amazing pics and video are going to surface tomorrow, but just wanted to give you a glimpse. It was great to be able to watch it via the internet. Felt like I was there...sort of. I kept looking for Twilove1 (Sue) but couldn't find her. Though a pic of Sue, Linda & the daughters has surfaced...WITH THE PATTINSON SISTER'S!

Sue's daughter Nicole is in green & Sue is to the right of her...the little blonde ;)
Linda, her daughter and
their friend are there too!

OMG they are meeting Pattinson blood!

Stay tuned, I hope to post more pics and vid soon. It's just all so overwhelming. Can you believe Eclipse comes out on Tues/Wed!?!? SQUEEEEE! AND, we have two more movies after this! Yay for BD being split into 2!

What did you think of the clothes? Robsten? Everything?! Tell me, in the comments!


Thx to @LuvsMeSumEdward, this was too good to pass up!




  1. I watched E! also because it was like they were talking to us. It totally made sense to me. Everyone looked great. Rob looked better in pics then on the live stream and KStew was opposite better on the live stream. Tay always looks great never much of a change. My favs were Alex Meraz and Nikki Reid!

  2. First of all my ass and back hurt from sitting in front of this damn computer all night...second of all, it was totally worth it! There was so much freakin eye candy I almost couldn't take it! Rob looked amazing...seriously, who can pull off a freakin' burgandy suit?! Well apparently Rob can! And I feel you about KStew's dress but she still rocked it and looked amazing! Such a fun night :) And that Anchorman photo is some funny shit...I didn't make, not sure who did but it was too funny not to share ;)

  3. Nice Pics Jen. Love the suit clutch, love the looks between Rob and Kristen esp Rob's - he looks smitten... I miss all the good stuff when I have to work when all this excitement is happening....Have fun watching the feed.

  4. I love Rob's suit. That colour looks fantastic on him.
    Seeing Kristen from the back was like looking at an entirely different dress. I hate the front and the material, but my is that dress hot from the back.
    I especially love that photo where she's clutching to Rob's jacket. That is so cute, and is definitely my fave photo of all I've seen.

    I've heard many a things about Sue's adventures today, and I don't know whether I'm more excited for her or jealous, LoL.

  5. Great selection of pics! Thanks for sharing for those of us that can't watch this stuff live!!! MUWAH!

  6. They looked more like a couple than I have seen on any other Twilight event. At first glance I wondered what was he thinking. But it is really mod and cut so well on him. They all looked good.

  7. LMFAO! That totally looks like Ron Burgundy's suit. You crack me up.

  8. I love Stews dress. The front is a bit boxy for me...but the one arm/shoulder fad is huge right now. There will be a lot lot lot more of that this summer. Just watch.

    I loved Rob's suit. Such a sucker for the skinny tie, slim fit. Seriously, the fit was impeccable.


  9. I love Kristen's dress. Kind of sixties and awesome, and I like the difference in the fitting in front and in back. I like it, avant garde.

    Pattinson's white boy hammer top is intriguing. My Mom liked him in remember me, proving his appeal is universal, but went back on her pledge when she realized he was twi-filiated..."Oh that's why you guys like him"...she says.

  10. Front: kind of like a poodle, a sexy slouchy poodle...

    Back: Uber tight J-Lo bootiness...

    Interesting Combo...

  11. Well Happa-J-Lo-booty anyways...

  12. Hahaha, so funny you found Ron the Anchorman (?) pics - that's exactly the shade!
    So jealous of Sue and amazing that she got to meet them.
    I'm sad that I missed tweeting with you guys during the premiere and frankly missed it :( Jeez life hasn't let up at all since we got back. At least I have your wonderful photos to help me catch up.
    I'm not a fan of the one arm thing but she looks happy and comfortable in it so hoping she got to wear what she wanted. The shoes are an interesting choice - a touch bland but I like the designer at least.


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