Sunday, June 6, 2010


So in the land of isms, acronyms and twi porn knockoffs (where a twit is not a twit but a twi-tit or a person who is a twit about Twilight)...
Today there is a new one on Twired:


Twart not like twat, shart, thwart or even twilight art, but as in a twi-fart... A twi fart? "But Edward doesn't fart!" Well, a TWART is a Twilight brain fart. Enter my example. Jen was talking about the MTV Movie Awards this afternoon in the company of me, our mom and our grandma (over booze, in typical Sunday fashion, mind you). Jen was talking about not watching last year because it was before she cared (gasp!). She wondered aloud about who would win best kiss this year. If it were twicast members... would it be KStew and Dakota (Runaways)? Would it be KStew and RPattz in NM? Or would it be KStew and Taycob? At that I stared at her, with squinty eyes, trying to disassemble her racey jumble of thoughts, Kstew and Taycob? NM? I realized she had Eclipse on the brain and was momentarily forgetting there would be no awards for Eclipse tonight (only a new little eclip... get it, eclipse clip? Har har!). Jen caught on with a tiny gasp and I briefly explained this to the others, Jen had had a twilight flub... a brain fart. Mom immediately squealed "Twart!" and thus, twart was born.


[T-wahrt]-adjective: A Twilight brain-fart. Forgetting which instances occurred in which book, flubbing on common-known trivia, etc...

*MOS, Jacksonitis and Twart are all subsidiaries of Twired. ;)

Um, and totally off subject...
We had had some amazing
Jacksonlicious material lately...
have you seen this?:

Elusive S


  1. He's a cutie, but that outfit reminds me of when they make fun of Hef on The Soup: "I'm a boat captain!"

    I love Twart.

    OME: w/v - "bunana" toooo funny.

  2. Elusive S twarted and typed Jacksonlicious.

  3. @Mrs.P- Yup, and then blogger went down and neither one of us could get in to change it.
    xo J

  4. Twart is perfect. And Momma Twired came up with it?? Makes it even better :)

  5. Twart - I love Momma Twired!

    Glad to see you posting, ES. I know Jen doesn't let you do it much ;)



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