Friday, June 25, 2010

Holy Hotness & After Party Love.

Do we really need any words? Oh yes, I believe it was Twilove1 (Sue) that said Rob was "drop-dead inhumanly gorgeous." Believe it or not Sue, her daughter & company camped out for 5 days on the streets of downtown LA to not only lay eyes on, but possibly touch this gorgeous specimen of a man. It turns out that in addition to pictures, autographs and meeting the Pattinson fam, they also hit the Motherload with FREE TICKETS INTO THE ACTUAL ECLIPSE PREMIERE!!!

I am so excited for Sue and can't wait to hear all about it when we go to the Twilight Nights event tomorrow night, here in San Diego.

Back to his HOLY HOTNESS:

Brace yourself...

And because a post isn't complete without some Robsten goodness....See how I didn't put this first. I was hoping not to scare of the Nonstens. Seriously though, what more proof do you need? Does anyone remember the hand holding picture in Paris? I think these pictures just go to show that they aren't "hiding" it anymore, but at the same time aren't going out of their way to flaunt it.

Robsten @ the afterparty!

Lisa over at 17foreverlisa did a great post with an awesome pic of Robsten. Check it out here.

Now that I'm on a HUGE Robsten high, off to search for more pics and catch up on videos.
To see more great pics of the rest of the Cullen's, go here. Tons of pics...Emmet & Jackson are lookin' good!



  1. Oh, Jen! I am so glad that I have you to share my Robsten love with. Keep posting, keep emailing me pics and videos, and keep believing.



  2. honestly....what was he thinking with that suit? I wonder if he dabbed a little Sex Panther behind his ears. I hear 60% of the time it works every time.

  3. So your first 5 pics could each be categorized as the following


    Wow I dont think I have ever typed the word porn this much in my whole life! But, God does he make a Ron Burgundy/Austin Powers suit look damn good!

    I'm gonna go take a cold shower now and try not to think of those pics!

  4. Ooh I hadn't seen those Robsten pics yet. I love the Nonsten term too :)
    My hubby will insist to me that maybe he's gay in that colour suit (honestly I love that colour - like LOVE it so it was the colour of my reception gown). BUT I don't like the colour on him - am I a traitor? I like him in a classic b&w outfit - even white button down rolled up sleeves with a black leather jacket over the shoulder is better than the suit he wore.
    Can't wait to see Sue's stuff.

  5. Great pictures! Robsten looks happily ever after premiere. Can't wait to hear about Twilove, too.

  6. @Moxie, He wore the suit for the great good of the black, white, red Eclipse color scheme!

  7. I love all these pics, especially Robsten, and I love that she won't wear a dress for more than three hours at a time, but I HATE her ugly brown shoes with the jeans outfit! BLARGH!

  8. MOX!!! SEX PANTHER!!!! I am dying here...


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