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Official Twilight Eclipse Conv. LA (Part 2)

Part 2. (MRS. P came too! Post coming soon!)

Before R, K & T went on stage, I hear "Jen?" and I look a few rows ahead of us. It was LuvsMeSumEdward, from twitter! She too is from San Diego. She had tried DM-ing me on twitter, but of course I don't have internet on my phone, so I had no way of reading it. I'm so glad she recognized me! Later we saw each other in the parking lot...she's super cool.

FINALLY, it was time....err.... IT'S TIME!

I spotted Manager Nick & Agent Stephanie Ritz emerge from behind the heart started pounding out of my chest and the crowed practically went berserk. All of a sudden the Hillywood Show walked out & introduced "Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lauter!!!!!"

Kristen leads and walks on stage. LOVE HER!

This bitched cock blocked Rob's face.

And this was our view. Rob rarely looked our way, as Taylor did a lot of the talking :)

I think someone yelled for Rob to take his shirt off, jk.
Rob's body guard is off to the left. I'm not shitting you, it was like the secret service.

Ok, I have so much to say about them...

First and foremost, the introduction by the Hillywood crew was faaaast, and they jumped right into firing off questions. I felt like they didn't give Rob, Kris and Tay a chance to warm up their seats so to speak. All of a sudden they were asking those pre-selected audience questions, which kind of bummed me out because I thought they would do something more creative...Not sure what I expected...Most of the questions were ones we Twitards have heard the answers to. "What's your favorite book?" "Have you actually read the books?" "Are you looking forward to BD?" etc, etc..... Rob, Kris and Tay did apologize & say they were exhausted from press junkets all day, and a little out of it. You could clearly tell they were zonked. Rob and Kristen seemed a bit more out of it than Taylor. I can't even imagine functioning after all of the interviews they'd done that day. If you look online today, there are LOTS of pics videos from the junket.

Random thoughts:

Rob is freakin' ADORKABLE!!! Picture him on the WFE set, but in regular clothes...that's what he looks like. He looks just like he does on TV. Somehow I expected him to be less attractive or look different, and he just doesn't. He's got this panty melting smile, & he's tall, with big feet! Hmmm....

One of the things that's so amazing about him is that he just doesn't seem to grasp how desirable he is, and with that, he becomes so much more desirable. I feel so blessed to have experienced "fuckhawt Rob" at the NM premiere, and "adorkable Rob" at the convention. I think I freaked out a tad less because at the NM premiere I had the fleeting thought..."Oh my gawd, what if he comes close enough to touch." Whereas at the convention, I knew he was staying put on stage. Granted I was shaking...but I didn't cry this time! Woohoo!

Kristen is fierce, yet a cute way. She just seems a bit overwhelmed by it all. Almost as if it's just too much for her to comprehend....almost as if she has put so much pressure on herself to bring the fans EXACTLY what they envision & fears disappointing them. I love & respect her even more now....if that's at all possible.

Taylor is..........very mature for his age, very well-groomed to speak in a public forum, and I admit, he's hot......for 18 ;)

ROBSTEN: After seeing them on stage together I believe without a doubt that they are hardcore in love. More than being hardcore in love, I think they truly admire and appreciate each other. They have so many of the same idiosyncrasies...they touch & run their hands through their hair the same, they shake their legs the same, they hold the microphone and fidget with it the same.

At one point, Taylor and Rob were joking with each other & all three were talking Breaking Dawn. All of a sudden, Rob looks at Taylor and says, "Don't you sleep with the BABY in Breaking Dawn???" (obviously joking about Renesmee) Next thing you know Taylor responds, "Don't you sleep with her (motioning to Kristen)..........long Breaking Dawn?" Rob started laughing and Kristen pretty much looked like she wanted to crawl under a table. I think she punched Taylor in the shoulder.

Another memorable Robsten part of the panel was when Rob was asked what his favorite movie of all time was. After thinking about it for what seemed like forever, he finally responds "The Runaways." That's when Kristen does this:

She sure loves those "exotic birds!"

Kristen was also asked her favorite movie........After looking down and smirking she says, "Remember Me." Of course we all start squeeeeing. It was classic.

It's undeniable that they have chemistry. I can say that first hand. Sure, I don't know the ins and outs of their private life (aside from reading ff...lmao!) but seeing them together live and in person just confirmed it enough for me.....ha ha.... as if I didn't already believe. LOL!

Ok enough Robsten stuff, because as you know, I could go on forever. Here are some pics that aren't mine. But you get the idea :)

The "Motherload."

Ignore Taylor, look at that panty-melting adorkable grin!

I give a CRAPSTEN!!!

*All 3 pics courtesy of Twilove01!
Thank you Sue!

Here are some kicka** links ;)

*Check out these pictures! They are a twi-zillion times better than mine, go HERE & HERE.

*Check out this ET interview from the press junket on Sat with Rob, Kris & Taylor. Imagine, they had to do tons of these before coming to see us at the convention. Go HERE.

Wanna see the entire panel with Rob, Kris & Tay from the convention???
Watch it here. Warning, turn down your volume! Or if you just wanna get a gist of their grand the first minute or so...definitely worth it.

Here is the vid where Rob says the Runaways is his FAVORITE movie!

Overall ES & I had a great time. Would I have spent the money if R & K weren't going to be there? I doubt it. Just my opinion. Seeing Robsten live was AMAZING. I cannot wait for Eclipse. I want Eclipse like a fat kid wants cake.

Thanks for reading!

Now excuse me while I go zonk out.



  1. Great recap. I am soooo happy that you and your sis took the time and money to go. It was fun to live vicariously through you and to feel your excitement as you prepared to go to the convention. Now go get some sleep and happy Rob(sten) dreams :)

  2. Sounds like an excellent day, Ladies!! I'm so glad that you had fun and WOW! Your seats were awesome!

    *sigh* I guess now I'll have to acknowledge Robsten...even if I HATE it! ;)

    Hey, ES, how'd you survive a whole day full of Jacksonitis? That boy is beyond HOT!

  3. Thanks Jen! I loved loved LOVED reading about your experience! You survived! Rob is one of the most beautiful yet humble people in the world. Did I say beautiful? I meant to say HOT!!!! LOL

    I totally agree with about the Robsten thing.....there is unmistakable chemistry there that is impossible to hide. I give a Crapsten too!
    Thanks for sharing....I wish I could have been there! I'm hoping the trinity will come to the Chicago convention (yeah right!) You never know. :)

  4. @Jedece... I WISH it were a full day of Jacksssson! He was so cute... so weird seeing him in a twi-setting vs a 100 Monkeys setting! I love both Jacksons but Rockstar Jackson is preferable. He was so sweet though, helping Elizabeth, Nikki and Ashley over a little dip in the stage after they signed a couple of banners. Maw... he's so...



  5. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. @DD- Thanks for taking the time to read it ;)

    @Jedece- ROBSTEN LIVES! And yes, Jackson is soooo hawt. And his voice, sex. Pure sex.

    @IsabellaMARIEcullen- Thanks for the comment! YES they are soooo "doing it!"

    @Munkee- Thank you!

  7. Hey girl! What an awesome experience, huh? I hope to experience it myself one day. Until then, I must live vicariously through all of you!

  8. @Mrs. P- Yup pretty awesome. I have a feeling you'll be experiencing it one day too!

    xo J

  9. Woot! Thanks for the shout out :) I just randomly looked back and thought I recognized you...lmao, you were probably like, "why is this chick staring at me and calling my name?!" ;) So glad we got to meet! I agree with everything you said about the panel! It was great to see them all so relaxed and having fun. The chemistry between Robsten was ridiculous...I mean they couldn't hide it AT ALL! They were so effing cute together, I could barely stand it! *Sigh* What a great day :)

  10. So cool you posted this - you literally made me feel like I was there *tear* Seriously though I admire you for putting up with the tweenish-screaming. I tried to watch the vid of the panel and couldn't get through it!

    This makes me so sad I missed KStew and Dakota for the Runaways showing here in Austin (not the big premiere but the little one they had at a regular movie theater) and the cast showed up unexpectedly (the producer was already scheuled to be there).

    Anywho - sounds like you gals had a great time. Mucho jealous but very happy for you. I too am now more in love with KStew and Robsten - I pray they can last. Girl makes me question my boundaries though LOL (I kid, I kid)

    Bring on June 29th; 12:01am (tech. June 30th but my trilogy starts at 7pm on the 29th!!) woot! woot!

  11. OMG I'm so excited for you!!! I love your take on the convention. I am now scraping together my pennies to go to the Chicago one.

    I would have died to see Taylor make that joke about Rob and Kris sleeping together. LMAO.. I could hardly contain my fits of laughter reading that!! Ah and yes I also love to see those rare birds LOL!!! Those two guys really know how to push her buttons.

  12. Awesome recap, Jen! I love how you broke down every aspect of it. Thanks for all the links, too. You're living the dream, girlie!


    P.S.: I give a big, fat CRAPSTEN!! But you already knew that ;)

  13. @LuvsMeSumEdward- It was so cool to meet you as well and I'm really glad you did call my name! I would have been bummed if I hadn't got to meet the person I have been emailing and twittering with.

    @ATX-So I'm wondering if questioning your boundaries has to do with KStew's hotness...? If so, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    @Kassie- Ha ha I went back and watched the video and realized that Taylor didn't pause at that part...when he said they slept together in BD...maybe it was just imagination creating a long pause? LMAO!

    @Lisa- It was of course a pleasure to be able to text back & forth with you! AND I give an even BIGGER Crapsten, if that's possible. Maybe there will be some more Robsten proof in the upcoming weeks ;) *Cross your fingers and toes!*

    XOXO J

  14. Love it! Love it all! I love how Rob holds his microphone...and his adorkable smile...and his short hair, it's growing on me...and his chemistry with it all!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!


  15. I've been dying to get over here but knew I would have to block out special time (with no one around to judge my squeeing)SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    I didn't read anyone else's account because I wanted to see it through your RobstenRosey-colored glasses.

    Absolutely awesome! Loved this! The favorite movie line was cute! I love how they all get along so well. I love that you guys got to see so many in one spot, totally hitting the JACKpot. (giggle)

    Someone answers "Harry Potter" for Rob's favorite movie! LOL

    Hey, did you guys see yourselves on the Today show footage?

  16. @Tess- I was watching the way he was holding that microphone constantly. So sexy.

    @TT- Well thanks for taking the time to stop by & squeeeee! I didn't see us on the footage but I'm going to watch it again and pay closer attention!

    xo J


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