Sunday, June 6, 2010

Robsten...Sittin' Pretty!

So I am NOT going on twitter until after the MTV Movie Awards. I made the mistake earlier of just popping in to see who was on, BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. I started seeing things I didn't want to see I quickly closed my browser & vowed not to go back.

However, I did take a sneaky peak at my blog roll & saw this!!!


Just as if all my wildest dreams came true, Rob & Kris are/were seated next to each other. Not even a between the two! WOOHOO! Sigh...

It's only 6:30pm west coast time, so I'm off to drink a beer, take a bath and painfully watch some of those Joisy Shore kids attempt to do some tricks on the red carpet. Gag.

P.S. NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS PLEASE, at least not for the next 3 hours. GRACIAS!



  1. She looks super cute in that picture. It's all basketball at my house tonight. :(

  2. You know I've been MIA from blogging for a few days. I'm sure I have 17 posts to get caught up with you, Jen. Just sayin'. LMAO!

    Working my way up the list now, even though we've talked on email about half of this ;)



  3. @Lisa-'s so slow at work tonight I have nothing to do! When Concierge aren't needed, they aren't needed. Happy to see your comments and yes you probably have like 15 to catch up on...JK, only about 4 more ;)
    xoxo J


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