Monday, June 7, 2010

Awkward Adorkability

*This is a long one, don't say I didn't warn you...lotsa pics!*

I am currently on an MTV movie awards Robsten high at the moment. I probably shouldn't even work today...I'm having heart palpitations for Robs sake. The mere fact that I'm so Twired from seeing Rob & Kris on the awards show makes me a little worried as to how I will react on Sat ;) There is so much I want to say, & am not sure any of it will come out sounding reasonable, let alone sane. Maybe I'll just start listing stuff, cause gawd knows I am in no condition to make sense.

* I LOVED the intro with TC as "Les Grossman." Seeing Rob & Tay look like a couple of guys from Chips was hilarious.

* Sooo many Twi-references right off the bat!

* I was besides myself giddy that Robsten was sitting together.
Beside myself ;)

* Did you see when Kristen got up to accept her Best Female Performance award and she had to maneuver around Rob? She had her left hand on his arm, and her right hand on his stomach as she walked around him, Stephanie Ritz and Manager Nick. So adorable.

* Did you see Kristen trip in true KStew fashion as she & Rob got up to accept best kiss? LMAO!

*Rob, Kris & Taylor seemed super relaxed & happy when they introduced the new Eclipse clip. Unlike at the VMA's where they seemed to be a bit uptight & didn't sit in the audience. I'm happy to see them all happy.

*Loved the new Eclipse clip, & it was longer than I had anticipated. I noticed that they mushed about 3 different parts of the book into one movie scene...not sure how I feel about that.

* And, OMG BEST KISS!!! I am not quite sure where to begin. I think that they planned to do the whole awkward scripted attempt at a kiss, but that Kristen freaked out and got too nervous. Rob was just like "F*ck it," and grabbed her towards the end...What do you think?

*Love that Rob mentioned Kristen at the end of his Best Male Performance/Global Superstar acceptance speech. SQUEEE!

*Lastly (best believe I'm making this one bold) I know Kristen is already starting to get backlash for being extra nervous and goofy. Articles are starting to say that she was ungrateful and acted aloof. I think the complete opposite. I totally agree that she was EXTRA KStew-ish this time around, however I think it's nerves. She was probably even more nervous because of the fact that this was the first time that she & Rob really acted like a couple at a public event. Call me crazy, but I feel in my heart of hearts that she is nothing but grateful...for everything.

Let's take a break from my Twiredness, shall we? Up for a little MTV Movie Awards 2010 PIC SPAM?

I think she looked HOT. Didn't love the Dolce & Gabana dress, however like I have said in the past, she would look good in a potato sack.

Kristen accepting her Best Female Performance Award.

Robsten backstage!

Rob accepting his Best Male Performance Award as well as Global Superstar Award.

Rob, Kristen & Taylor introducing the new Eclipse clip!

Best Kiss shenanigans :)

Love how she mocks herself.

I think Rob is soooo ADORKABLE & Kristen is soooo AWKWARD!!! To me, it's a match made in heaven. I think the only other person that would 100% agree with me is one of my bloggy besties Lisa @ 17foreverlisa! I thought about you quite a bit during the show!


OMG, I love how he just decided "f*ck it" and kissed her.

Cast of NM accepting Best Movie Award.
Love them all!

And because of course I can't resist, here's the Best Kiss Vid!

What are your thoughts on the awards? Rob? Kris? Robsten? Eclipse clip? Tell me in the comments!

P.S. What's a Twart? Elusive S explains here.

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  1. I love that she refused to hold any of the popcorn trophies lol. The whole acceptance speech for Best Kiss... I was lmao the whole time, Rob blushed did you notice. And I love love love when it looks like he is going to make out with the popcorn.

    I have issues with all their outfits; Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Jackson... seriously JBone had the worst jacket on the planet. But hey I dont always dress to impress so who am I to say anything bad about their outfits.

    Oh and PFach=best acceptance speech EVER

  2. OMG!! I haven't seen any of this. I was on a plane last night. Damn, that video was smoking hot for being adorkable. Hey, I love my Rob, but I see how into each other they are. Good for them! (and to be honest, I would be devasted if they ever broke up) Now hopefully I can catch up on this.

  3. @Kassie- Totally agree with you about the outfits. WTF? lmao. Loved Peters speech as well!

    @HG- Hey HG!!! Welcome back. Yah it was such a great show. And you know MTV will be replaying it over and over and over. I totally think they were going to kiss but KStew freaked out. And yes, they are sooooo a couple, and I am not ashamed to say I'd actually cry if they broke up. Hopefully they're smart enough not too until after Breaking Dawn promotions...cause boy would that be awkward!

    xo J

  4. I 100% agree that they are a match made in heaven! They are perfect for each other! The whole kiss thing made the whole awards show for me. I will be watching that part repeatedly tonight! LOL

    Does anyone else love Kristen's hair??? I love it! Why couldn't they do something like that for Eclipse instead going the wig route???

    Anyway, great post Jen!!!!!

  5. I love them. *le sigh* I watched the whole thing on rerun right after it finished (but somehow missed PFach and the best movie award - wtf?), and I LOVED all the Twi stuff, all the Robsten stuff, and I hated the new movie clip. Um, weren't they refilming some parts? I volunteer THAT SCENE to be reshot (after being rewritten). Ugh.

    Kristen was super cute and super happy (comparatively speaking), and I loved the way he grabbed her and kissed her after the awkward kiss stumble thing (although I liked last year better where they acted like they were gonna get hot & heavy and then just went, "Thanks!" and ran off, LOL). I loved Kristen's hair, and HELLO, legs! I didn't like that dress, but her legs looked PHENOMENAL! I say heels and short skirts for her from now on. You won't be able to wear them forever, KStew! Make use of your skinny days!

    KStew is the lynch pin! To ROB's HEART AND SOUL!!!

  6. I loved Robsten last night, they were so cute and you could tell how much Rob is into Kstew!

  7. Mother always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me."

  8. Soo cute! I loved that he just grabbed her and kissed her! They are so cute! Love his hair life that!

  9. I absolutely loved this two, beautiful couple, hope next year will be better and juicy... nice blog!

  10. Hey, girlie! It totally sucked that we couldn't talk about it while I was watching it with the time zone difference. You know I was thinking about you too while I was watching it and on twitter.

    Thanks for posting the video. I seriously had not watched it again yet. I just watched it three times in a row!!

    1) I didn't realize she tripped going up to accept the award. Too funny!

    2) She was so breathless when she went to talk. I would be too standing next to him. LOL!

    3) I didn't realize how color coordinated their outfits were!!

    4) I totally agree that Rob just said "fuck it" and kissed her at the end. She seemed surprised and his giggle/laugh afterwards makes me almost want to cry he's so damn cute!!!!!

    5) I spy Rob's tongue in that one pic you posted. *sigh*

    6) The pic of them backstage makes me think of dumpster diving.

    Great post. Great night. Robsten lives!


  11. @Lisa- Oh My GAAAAHHH they are color coordinated. I hadn't realized that. Way to be so observant! I love how after she talks she looks at him and say something like "you wanna do this?" LMAO! She says it away from the microphone, but it still picks it up a bit. LOVE IT!

    I too love how he was laughing/giggling a little school boy. Made me want to cry too!

    xo J

  12. Between the two of us, Jen, we won't miss any Robsten moments ;) We have to stick together.

  13. Absolutely loved it all!!! Can't wait for all the Twi stuff ahead in the next few weeks!


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