Friday, June 18, 2010

Mmm Jackson, Grrrrrr baby!

Jackson was spotted hanging out with some cuties while promoting The Last Airbender at Six Flags Discovery Kingdon in Vallejo, CA on June 17th.

Man on man if I could be that little Tiger....Grrr baby.

So cute!

I think the lil' tiger is smitten. I would be.

I can imagine him holding something else like that. How bout' you?


It's an otter...not a beaver. Get you're mind out of the gutter. LOL.

What is it about sexy men and animals? Swoon.

Here's an interview with JRath and Nicola Peltz (his Last Airbender co-star) Can you believe she's 15!?!

P.S. Check out Twilight Night. See Twilight & New Moon under the stars for FREE! Might be coming to your city on June 26th! It's coming to mine! I'm so there.



  1. Holy. Fucking. Hell. These and the featurette just made my day.

  2. @ES- I was hoping you'd take a peak....without promptin ;) 102 baby!

  3. He is such a cutie! He looks so much better with out that mop of soccer mom hair.

  4. @Janine- woah...hello there my dear! How's work???

  5. Awwww...these pics are so cute! Thanks for posting. I love them!

  6. omg that vid... how did i miss that? did you just add it or did it not show up on my screen before? GOD he looks good.

  7. My gawd- MOS is right. Bless you both :-)


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