Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tent City & The County Fair!

First things first, I must grab your attention:

He looks like he wants to do bad things to me...bad bad things.

On to tents....One of our dear twitter friends Twilove1, aka Sue, is up in LA camping out for the official Eclipse Premiere! She & FKat (Linda) and their daughters all have wristbands guaranteeing them access to watch the stars arrive and walk the red carpet! Elusive S & I were there last year for the New Moon premiere, but did not camp out...therefor we did not get wristbands. We still got great views of all the limos pulling up, so no complaints.

Sue has been doing a great job of keeping us all up to date via twitter & emails. Here are a few of her pics. It's so fun living vicariously through her! Though I'm not sure I could do with that much lack of sleep. She's a trooper!

This is her daughter Nicole. Look thru Bella's face!
This pic was featured in the LA Times!

Black carpet set-up.

Tent City relocated closer to the premiere area.
How fun this must be for everyone!

Thanks Sue for keeping us in the loop!

On another note, today is my Friday. I can't tell you how relieved I am. It's just been one of those sh*tty weeks. I don't know what's been up the asses of our guests, but it's something retched.

I'm looking forward to possibly laying out at the beach tomorrow, that's if the sun cooperates :) Friday I'm going to the Del Mar Fair (county fair) with my Mom. The fair has had the same stuff every year since I was kid, but it's tradition. Plus I'm looking forward to trying out some of the new fair food...if you can even call it that.

Deep Fried Klondike Bar , Deep Fried Pop Tart, and Beef Kabob.
Funnel Cake on a Stick
Deep Fried Butter
Buffalo Chicken Fry Bread
Sweet Potato Fry Dog and Hash Brown Fry Dog (hot dog dipped in batter, then in hash browns or sweet potato and deep fried).
Sparkley Peen on a stick (just seeing if you're paying attention)
Veggie Kabobs
Dreamsicle Float
Ice Cream S'mores
Chocolate Dipped Pickles
Pickle Corn Dog

I usually don't eat fried food, so I'm sure my intestines will hate me with a passion come Friday night. I talk a big game though, I'm sure after the first fried thing I'll be "over it."

Speaking of the fair...

If I squint, it could be me :)

Saturday I'm going to the Twilight Nights event here in San Diego w/ Sue & ES! So excited! If you're in San Diego and going, let me know!

P.S. Kimmel TWILIGHT/ECLIPSE special tonight! Don't forget!!! Check your local listings.



  1. They are so lucky to have wristbands to see the cast!!! I cant wait for pics.

    Also omg that sounds like a great list of foods to eat at the fair... I especially love chocolate dipped pickles, pickle corndog, and sparkley peen on a stick! I love pickles but not in a "that's what she said" kind of way :)

  2. Ooh can I have a sparkly peen on a stick? Sounds like fun although some of the fried foods you listed I have never heard of and a few I'm not sure I'd even want to eat - chocolate dipped pickles?

    Looks like fun at the Tent City, I have been tweeted photos of Jackson and PFach meeting fans while they are waiting!

    Have fun at the Fair.

  3. I told 17foreverlisa that I was flying to San Deigo because you get Peter Facinelli AND Edi Gathegi for your movie!!! They are my absolute two favorites. Not that Philadelphia is too bad off, we get Jackson Rathbone (and the guy who played Jared). I would rather Peter and Edi. She thought I was serious, which I half am until I saw the cost of a plane ticket :( I hope you get to see them and I hope you have a great time!! I am moving to California!

  4. @DD- Oh man, how cool that would be if you just hopped on a plane & came out fact you, Lisa, Margaret, Sue & I could all go to Twilight nights. Heck, I have a spare room! I'm anxious to see if Peter goes to Alex's Lemonade stand that's down the street from my house on Sat mid day...

    Anyhoo, I'm sure flights are ridiculously expensive. Boooooo. Too bad we don't have our own private Twihard jet for occasions/necessities such as these ;)



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