Friday, May 28, 2010



So I have to apologize for not having any fun/creative posts these past couple of nights. My allergies have been brutal. I have always had allergies off & on, but never really that bad. I take that back, at one point in my late teens I was prescribed of the side effects happened to be a lowered immune system. Low & behold that was the first & only time I contracted the flu. Luckily I haven't had a bad bout of allergies again, until now...11 years later!

Fortunately, Benadryl works like a charm against my itchy/watery eyes & sneezy nose!

"You are like a drug to're like my own personal brand of...
oh wait...

Unfortunately, Benadryl pretty much makes me pass out. Drowsiness is an understatement. The back of the packaging says "marked drowsiness may occur." No shit. For me it should say "take 2 of these and before you know it you'll be slurring your words like a drunk, then passed out on the couch sitting up right with your mouth wide open."

Yup that was me last night, except my cat took the opportunity to crawl up on me and stick his ass in my face...I took 2 at about 7:45pm (i have been taking 1 when I have to work) and before I knew it I was being woken up by my s/o (cat still had his ass in my face) at 8:30pm telling me he had the bed all ready for me to crawl into. Mind you, I ran into the wall when I got up to pee several hours later. Ahh the joys of allergy meds.

Anyhoo, I know meds affect everyone very differently. Heck, Pamprin/Midol (pms meds) make me pass out too! But then again they happen to have antihistamine in them... Has anyone, who might have the same issues as me tried Zyrtec? I hear it is less likely to make you drowsy. I mean, drowsy isn't even the right word for me...but you get the idea...

Ideas, suggestions, think my post is COMMENT!



  1. I don't think you're retarded. I just think you're blonde. LOL! Just kidding. I'm sorry to hear your allergies are flaring up and that you can't find a suitable remedy. You should ask the doc, Twilightcupcake.



  2. Aww one of my bloggy besties, Lisa, commented 1st!
    I know I should ask her, but hate to bug her with RL stuff ;) But I might....
    xoxoxoxo J

  3. I think you're really funny. I have no input about drugs, I very rarely get allergies, and nothing knocks TH out (he has BAD allergies, but never drowsiness from meds). Good luck! Feel better!

  4. Twilight Cupcake loves to help out. I am pretty sure the other night she tweeted lots of ideas for you to try. Listen to her, she helped me through my head cold a few months ago. She is amazing to us. Feel better soon.

  5. Sad to say, I am an allergy professional, and have tried every medication available. Anything that is marked with "May cause drowsiness" will have me drooling out the side of my mouth within an hour. No. Thanks. I even had shots on and off for about 10 years, don't know if they helped. Allegra-D is my magic bullet. For a while I combined it w/Nasonex, but now I'm good without the spray. Last year I had difficulty getting a refill because the insurance co. decided they didn't want to pay for anything non-generic and forced me to try all the old stuff all over again. Claritin and Zyrtec were useless. Sneezing so much that my eyes were swollen shut was not a good look for me. After about 3 months, I finally got the Allegra-D back. Hallelujah!! Good luck finding what works for you.

  6. @Z Any Mouse- Thanks for the info! Luckily I am 100% better today, and am hoping they'll stay subdued. Like I said, I had never had them quite this bad, but am hoping they are just seasonal. Like I mentioned in my post above...Allegra did work, but I was afraid to keep taking it because it seemed to lower my immune system...granted this was back in 99' so I am SURE it's not like that anymore.
    I was LOL-ing about your "anything that says may cause drowsiness has me drooling out the side of my mouth." ME TOO! Robitussen even makes me feel wonky, and Pamprin/Midol knocks me out!

    xo J


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