Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grab your pots n' pans, it's Rob's B-Day!

Day #4 of Rob's Birthday Blog Train!

by Robmusement

Dear Rob,

I slept in today in honor of your birthday.....thanks.

Once I woke up & my coffee kicked in, I felt the overwhelming urge to throw you a party. No one else was around, but that didn't stop me ;)

Here's to you Rob!!!

Ok, so maybe that's an
old pic from New Years Eve at my parents house, when my entire family turned into a drunken version of the Von Trapp's.....But it truly does depict how I feel today. I just want to grab some pots n' pans and drink myself silly....while of course, toasting to you Rob!

Speaking of drinking...when this post magically appears at 4:30pm PST, I'll be watching you on Oprah with Elusive S & Notsotwired Mom. I'm taking over 2 bottles of O-Orgasmic, I mean Organic brand Italian Soda. No, we're not drinking that by itself's just to flavor up the vodka a bit.

In all seriousness Rob, I wish you a wonderful Birthday! Cheers to you and that 1,000 watt smile. It takes my breath away.



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P.S. tomorrow (Friday) is the last day...Elusive S adds her thoughts & or wishes for RPattz in the coming year.

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  1. Very sweet. I love the pic of you dancing.

  2. LOL!! You have as much fun as I do at my parents and then some.

    Can't wait to hear what you and ES thought about the Oprah show. I loved it! Rob was so damn adorkable. I could listen to him giggle/laugh all day. Loved that he was such a good sport about going to the houses. Kristen looked AMAZING! Taylor seems like a sweet kid.

    Loved Edward with black eyes. Loved Edward getting all up in Jacob's face. Loved...Edward. 'Nuff said.


  3. Oh shit!!! You crack me up. I thought you honestly set that all up for today...too funny!

  4. Girls...OMG Oprah was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I could watch Rob all day too! Wow...even my Twad said he seems super humble!
    xoxo J

  5. LoL, Jen, I luuuuurve that photo of you. It's fantastic.

    Beautiful photo of Rob.

  6. Oh I loved your post... the first 2 sentences... priceless!!!
    Made me lol so hard!

  7. Just add alcohol and thoughts of Rob and Jen can have a good time no matter who else is around! LOL This was cute!

  8. This was too cute! Loved the pic of pots and spoon girl! Although I admit that for a moment I thought you had indeed set up a morning birthday celebration for Rob:)

    Love it!!!


  9. Hee Hee Hee... The drunken Von Trapp family! I will never watch the Sound of Music again without thinking of that.

    Great POST and Birthday wish to Rob!


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