Monday, May 24, 2010

Rob in those muscles!

Here's a pic of Rob out & about in LA on Sunday, looking as if he's either coming or going to the gym. For some reason I just can't picture him at the gym. I wouldn't complain if I got to witness such a thing (rob working out)...but he seems like more of the artistic anti-gym type...make any sense?


You can click on the source below the pic for more pictures. I'm totally loving that he's filming WFE in LA. I hate to think of the paprazzi constantly hounding him, but then again we get to see his gorgeous face.

Hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday isn't too bad ;)

P.S. Am I the only one that is super curious as to where he's staying? I mean the guy hasn't had a permanent residence (Mr. & Mrs. Stewarts?) as far as we know...since he left London to film Twilight.
Thoughts? Tell me in the comments!



  1. 1) I am amazed that he was photographed alone. No bodyguard in sight.

    2) Is that a remote key he is pressing? Is he actually driving around L.A.?!

    3) Remember last time when he was on Ellen, she offered to help him find a house? Well, neither one of them brought that up this time. I think she found him one.


  2. I think you should offer him your place. It's far enough from LA to thwart suspicion, but close enough for him to go to work easily. Will NST-BF go for that?? ;)

  3. @Lisa- I emailed you instead of responding here..lazyness ;)

    @MB- What a kick ass idea. I have a spare room! I'm sure the s/o wouldn't mind moving in there, LMAO!

    xo J

  4. Jen, LOL move the s/o into the spare room to make room for Rob. Love it! Great idea MB!

  5. So howsabout you and Elu-sis go play detectives and find out!

    @17L I was thinking the same thing about the Ellen offer. She's probably letting him stay in her guest house.

  6. WOOT! I'm in.

    He has to work off all the Heineken and Hot Pockets.

    Yep...took all day and that was my stupid comment.

  7. Guessing he needs to get all smexy-licious for Breaking Dawn..he is gonna be naked for a big chunk of it *comatose*

  8. @Mox- I lurrrv your comments.

    @VamiresWeLove- I thought the same thing...mmm. Such a delicious thought!

    @TT - Well, already going up on June 12th for Conv to see if I show up before to stalk him...he might not come to the convention :)

  9. i love running rob. seeing him run on the treadmill, black socks and all, in that eclipse sneak peek did me in! and he is running for a tenth of a second on the new eclipse tv spot. humina humina humina.

    i totally get what you are saying though. he is not into beef patties or pumping iron...and i like that about him. and he is just so hot without putting in any effort (sigh). must be nice.


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