Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friday Finger Smellin' Funnies!

Hello there,
It may not be YOUR FRIDAY, but it is MY FRIDAY (or Sat, depending upon when you're reading this.) Wed is my Friday, Thurs is my Sat & Fri is my Sunday. Soooo, when you're all getting drunk and playing DML @ TSP on Friday night...think of me...poor Jen, boo-hoo, it will be my Sunday evening.


JK, I'll be right there with you all. I've never let a "Sunday" night stand in my way of drunk tweeting/DML-ing. :)

I have decided since yesterdays post was such a...

I thought I'd move on to a something a bit more lighthearted....making fun of Twilight. Nope, I'm not going to be the one, I'll leave that up to whomever came up with these hilarious posters. Personally, I always make fun of the people I'm closest to...ask one of my RL BFF's JB...Well I guess you can't really ask her, but you get the idea. I'm totally not offended when people make fun of Twilight in this way, in fact I find it quite entertaining. Though I can't help but wonder if the people that create these are closet Twi-hards themselves...I mean, why go to all the trouble?

Let's see, shall we?

Hmmm, E's takin' her from behind....nice.
On a side note, I never understood why they put Jasper with Rosalie & Alice w/ Emmett?
I know in the books R & J are supposed to be siblings...but wtf?

Um, DUH. He's trying to keep up his jock appearance for the humans. Eggs are full of protein you dumb-asses.

I'd call it crack, not crap. But you have a point.

Speaking of crap...

Points for creativity...reminds me of JJ...since she tends to talk about poop...ALOT.

The "cop" happens to be downstairs passed out on the sofa...If you'd read the books, you'd know that. So there.

Because it's laced with catnip you fool.

He he he..I thought they were pretty funny. Wait, what? You didn't find any of those funny? Hmmm well let's find a way to put a smile on your face...

Oops, this might not be smile inducing, in fact it might cause some sort of jealous rage.
Sorry. Rob does look ADORKABLE though...
Lucky biotch.

That's Rob on Ellen participating in a game Ellen called "Pattin' Pattinson." The girl got to feel up The Precious for gawds sake! Couldn't she just tell by his long legs? Why the F didn't she grab his flippers? Surely she could tell it was him by those....or by the smell of KStews vag ;)

Sooo jeaous of that girl. She can forever say she "Patted the Precious!" Chance of a lifetime.

Rob must have smelled it too..

Do you find these posters funny? Tell me, in the comments!



  1. I definitely giggled :) And I don't care when people talk shit about Twilight either...I just laugh. My sister is the biggest Twi-hater in the world but I think it's a front cause she knows if she started to read she would LOVE it!
    P.S. I'm totes jealous of that lucky bitch...I want to Pat the Pattinson, but I don't know how she resisted grazing the sparklepeen!

  2. Bahaha those posters are GOLD!!

    And I am so jealous of that girl/ seriously embarrassed she was Aussie and didn't pick him out!?

    I love that photo simply for where her head is. Being THAT close to the sparklepeen and not knowing it. Utter fangirl FAIL.

  3. I love the cat posters. Sooo funny. I missed Ellen. :( Another fangirl fail.

  4. I think the crap one is too funny if not extremely disgusting. I'm okay with blood but dislike crap. I still haven't seen Ellen yet!! I can't believe your Kstew vag comment. Too much Robsten fanfic my love ;) I know what part of him I'd want to feel up.

  5. @luvsmesumedward @Leigh & @MB did you see the pic I added at the end? :) Had to add it like 5 min later.
    xo J

  6. Blogger is eating comments today. I swear I saw three comments when I clicked on the Post comment link - don't know whose, and now, I see none. I hope it gets them back.

    Anyhow, that poop thing is simply gross. Good explanation on the eggs there Jen.

    I watched Ellen on youtube. It's a shame she couldn't touch their faces. And how the fuck could she mistake that third dude for Rob, lol?

  7. Hey Jen, Love your funnies...not sure about the poop one though... I really like the parodies out there as well - have you seen the one where Peter Facinelli hams it up as the doctor delivering puppies from Bella with Edward and Jacob in the room - freaking hilarious!

  8. LMAO! I loved your captions the most...especialy about the cop being on the sofa downstairs.

  9. I would have had to suck on his fingers... if there wasn't a rule against that. If she was allowed to touch his face, and still got it wrong, she would have been tossed out of the fandom on her ass! LOL!

  10. Those pics are hilarious! I like the "Stalkers" one...cracks me up. SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of the Pattin' Pattinson girl...I would never wash my hands again...ever!


  11. Too funny! I adore the humor in those demotivationals. I have quite the collection of them myself.

    Don't get me started on that Pattin' Girl. I am trying to move past that right now. LOL

  12. Loved these funnies. imho a good sense of humor is one of the requirements for joining Twitardia. Not that we would kick anyone out, just someone without a sense of humor would probably not enjoy enough to stay around.

  13. LMFAO!!! This post is funny from beginning to end, Jen, especially the end.



  14. LLlllllllllllove it! and after studying the twi promo pic... I think i've got it after all this time... they're standing in a v, flanking edward and bella... they're really next to their proper partner but they're just spread out due to the camera/perspective... look again now that i've said this, whatdya think?

  15. OH you're right! BTW see my last 2 posts! LMAO!

  16. I'm getting caught up on my blogs so I'm a little behind but dude, I giggled at ever single one of these. I'm like you, I can make fun of things I love (aka Twilight, my husband, etc.). I can also probably give JJ a run for her money on the poop talk, but eewww, that Crap pic made me giggle then gag a little. LOL

    Nice start to my Tuesday morning! :)


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