Monday, May 17, 2010

I love my Twi-loot!

Prior to this post I wanted a drink (duh) but I was out of Michelob Ultra & wine...

What's a girl to do?!?!

Oh yah, I have Lemon Soda & Grey Goose....sweet.

Moving on....When I got home today I immediately started clearing off the coffee table to make room for the LIFE section of the USA Today that snagged from work. I hadn't had a chance to read it in detail and figured I'd curl up with it later tonight. In case you didn't see it, here it is.

oops sideways, sorry.

Anyhoo, this newspaper got me thinking about my Twilight-related loot.

According to Wikipedia, "loot" is usually referred to treasure or wealth that is found or stolen.

I definitely consider my Twilight-loot a treasure, and no it wasn't stolen ;) I'm starting to wonder if maybe I need a box for some of the magazines. They're currently resting comfortably in our entertainment center, but I'm afraid the harsh conditions inside my condo might ruin them...jk. Truthfully, my Twi-loot is spread inconspicuously throughout our condo. Back in January I did a post about that called "I spy Twi." I think my collection has grown a teeny bit. And, I plan on it getting a lot bigger once Eclipse merch hits the shelves ;)

My Twi-loot.
Minus my NM Edward keychain & a X-mas ornament with the same pic that's in the frame..from ES.

Oops forgot this.
ES got the mug for me for Christmas. It says:
"Wait, did you say something? It wasn't Twilight related and I tuned you out the first time."

Because of the dialogue boxes it looks as though Robsten is saying it to each other, which doesn't make sense...but whatev'. I love it nonetheless.

So what Twi-loot do you have? A lot? A little? None??? (nah!)
Tell me, in the comments!



  1. I have only a little, but just got a little more and will be posting about it soon! So there! :) I like your mug!! (Even if it doesn't make sense - I love that pic of Robsten!!)

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  3. I only have a few things ;)

    That doesn't include my bookmarks, multiple copies of Vanity Fair and Details, my Twilight Saga audio books on CD, my iPod shuffle that only contains Twi/Rob-related stuff, the books Bel-Ami and Water for Elephants, the receipt for my airline ticket to FORKS, my Eclipse FSE that is preordered, my poster and calendar at work...should I go on? I know. I need help.


    P.S.: I can't believe I forgot to pick up USA Today. I love that your oops, sidways. LOL!

  4. Lisa - LMAO! Questions..the audio books...who's voice do they use? Cause if it didn't sound like KStew or how I pictured Bella to sound pre-watching would seem strange. Give me the scoop.

  5. That is cute. I have a collection too.

  6. Jen, the woman that reads the book does not sound like Kristen. It was weird at first, but now it is like comfort food. I love having it on in the car. I would be glad to send you a copy if you want. Email me.

  7. Um, Jen, I remember Lisa and I had to tally up our money spent on twi stuff for FFF once. It was not good. after TwiTour this weekend it's even more. Post is coming...I don't have all my stuff in a photo - it won't fit!

  8. @TC - I know you have me beat, TC, even if I did forget a few things in that picture, like my Team Edward T-shirt. It't not pretty, but oh so fun :)

  9. @jen noooooooooooo those are not dialogue boxes, they are just boxes, and they wouldn't freaking fit anywhere else unless i covered up more of the precious.



  10. @ Jen.. the narrator for the twi books sounds retarded but... hey. On itunes... I indulged once.
    @Lisa yessssss we need a copy!!! You are awesome.

  11. It's so funny you call yours the Twilight Loot. I call mine the Witness Protection Program. Your stash is looking good. Jealous that you have the USA today paper.

  12. @ES-I didn't mean dialogue boxes...I mean more just space to put words. I couldn't think of another word.
    coco J


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