Saturday, May 8, 2010

*New Rob pic, 5/8 in LA!

Here is a pic of Rob from today, May 8th. Apparently he was at a local studio this morning re-doing some dialogue for Eclipse. I found this pic here (courtesy of Mr. Ginger) Not sure how he snuck it (cell phone) ...but it's him, and supposedly Kristen was supposed to show up later in the day for her portion of the ADR (Automated dialogue replacement.) Guess those Eclipse scenes will sound extra crisp & clear!

PS the girl pictured is NOT Nikki or Kristen (obviously.) Apparently just someone who works there...

He looks so ADORKABLE!

XOXO (I will be posting again tonight!)


  1. Yummy! Is it just me or does his t-shirt look just a tad too small? Or maybe he's just trying to show off his pipes. I'd rather he just take his pants off and show off his pecker.

  2. i think that pic was snapped by mr. ginger (ginger formerly from "twilight headed" and now from "the spank and ginger show" - see our sidebar!) - he is one of the people working on sound in the movie and was there so... nice, right! i totally would have made up an excuse to go there!

    : )

  3. @STY: Ok after doing research I now get that MR. GINGER is Ginger's husband..duh. I had to do a litte detective work. Ignore my last comment. I deleted it, but I'm sure it still gets emailed to you. Blah. Anyho......he looks ridiculously adorkable.

    @LKW: Woman, you have Pattinson Penis on the brain........and I don't blame you.

    xo J


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