Tuesday, May 11, 2010


FIRST, watch this (if you haven't already... bahahaha, haven't already... yah right, which bloggy
universe do I think I'm in?)

A few things in regards to the Oprah Snippette-

1. Yelling "he's so hottttt" as though he isn't standing right there ... in her house. Girl, you're breaking a code. Though I can't fully guarantee my sis wouldn't do the same... ;)
Seriously though, why the f*ck would you do that? Maybe, "Omyrob... you are so great blahdilah"... I know it's hard, I know, trust me. My dreamboat twiboy is Jackson, Rob is a close second... the two times I properly talked to Jackson, face to face I managed to just stutter and stumble and tell Jackson how great he was even though I could have easily droned on about how bad I had jacksonitis and how f*cking hot he is. Code girls, code of conduct. Jumping Rob's bones and falling to the ground on top of him, kissing him? That's entirely different. That's just cool.

2. I like the Oprah "ECLIPSE" logo. How cool was that? I want one made that says SARAH. Or even better, "Will you marry me, Sarah" that Jackson made. (HAVETA throw some Jaction in here since we have the bday blog train going for robby).

3 You KNOW only Oprah could have pulled this off with all of them.

4 Rob looks HOTTT. OK, maybe I can understand the yelling of the obvious... but still girl, code of coolness!

5 As I discussed w/Snarkier Than You , I think it was-NO FAIR... they obviously only wanted to do the surprise w/rob with teens... meh, probably 'safer' that way anyhow. ;)

6. The email I got from sis this am, subj "Squee! Oprah related" "OK FINE..I admit it...I watched a "preview"!!!!! Had I watched Oprah today, I would have seen them preview the Thurs show..this is what they aired. OMG! I can't fucking wait. I'll like a 13 yr old girl!!!"


Sista is coming over on Thurs to cuddle in bed and drink and squeel.
Ohmyrobsten! I can't wait.

Elusive S

Hi it's Jen: If you missed the 1st installment of Rob's birthday blog train, go here. To follow the rest of the train, click the link below that post. Stay tuned, tonight 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST, MY GIFT TO ROB!


  1. That video makes me all kinds of excited! They are all soooooo beautiful...beautiful beautiful people. I also think that they were directing the home visits to the 15 and under crowd. I agree, they probably figured that was safer. I can't wait for FRIDAY!!!! Woot!


  2. OMG!~ I watched it again from work and got all and sweaty and shit. Good lord above I cannot wait. Got my girlie bits all in a tizzy!
    xo J

  3. @Trixie and Tess - isn't the 13th when Oprah airs? Maybe I need a calendar lol.

    @ Elusive Girl code lol your so right about that one lol "OMG he's so hawt!" Loser lol


  4. Oh, I mean Thursday...not Friday. What was I thinking?! I wouldnt' want to prolong it another day! I'm the one that needs a calendar. So much exciting stuff in Twiland. I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight. When will Rob be on Ellen? That's another one I've got to get on the DVR schedule.

    I need a PA for my twibiz.


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