Monday, May 10, 2010

New Moon Memory Lane.

In honor of kicking off Rob's Birthday Blog Train this week, let's take a trip down New Moon Memory Lane...shall we?

I realize a few of you may know some of these things, and if so, I apologize in advanced. However those of you that just started following Twired might just learn something new. ;)

I finished reading the Twilight Saga around early August of 09'. Of course right after finishing Twilight, Elusive S had me watch the movie ASAP. It was right then and there that I fell hardcore in love with Robert Pattinson. The scene where he enters the cafeteria is absolutely PRICELESS. I remember thinking at the time that it felt like years until New Moon would come out in theaters. After watching a few videos on the Twilight Premiere of 08', I got the idea that it might be fun to drive up to LA to try and get a glimpse of the cast, but more importantly, Rob. You can read a much more detailed account of the adventure here in one of my firsts posts. In fact, it's really what prompted me to start this blog. I so desperately wanted to share how much fun I'd had with people that would appreciate it.

Here we are in the New Moon Premiere line Nov 09'
I brought Robward on a stick :)
Westwood, CA

We didn't get wristbands, however we had a prime view of the arriving limos.
This is where I ended up, squished between a tree & a barricade...all in the name of ROB.

This was my view as Rob got out of the limo. Sure, you can't see him, but HE WAS THERE. I promise!

Sadly, that was the only picture I managed to take. He walked across the street to sign autographs, then came back towards us. He got about 10 ft away before our barricade started dipping forward with the weight of the fans. Once that happened, his people whisked him back towards the red carpet. In that moment, when he was approaching us....well let's just say I lost all sense of self. I couldn't even operate my camera, let alone think coherently. I knew if I ever got to see him in person, I'd freak. But I had no idea my body would totally lose control. I think had he come right up to me, I would have cut off my fan-girl instinct and tried to control myself...however knowing he couldn't see me...I was allowed a bit of a flip out.

Fast forward a week or so from the official LA Premiere, New Moon finally came out in theaters. Elusive S & I saw it twice the first day, then two more times after that. I couldn't get enough. New Moon the movie took me on the lowest of lows & the highest of highs. New Moon wasn't my favorite book, but the movie was pretty amazing. Below are two vids that take you from utter sadness, to complete euphoria. Enjoy.

PS Might wanna grab a box of tissues for the first one.

Might wanna grab some new panties after this next one ;) It's one of my favorite vids showing a glorious side by side comparison of Edward from Twilight to New Moon. SWOON!

Hope you enjoyed those vids, and hearing about New Moon the movie, and what the whole experience meant to me.

***Next up on Rob's Birthday Blog train: It'sRoblated !

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  1. I'm very confused by this whole Birthday Blog Train thing. It sounds kinda kinky.

  2. would think it sounds kinky wouldn't you. I'm horrible and movie reviews, and I got assigned New Moon...but I decided to take a different spin on it and talk more about the premiere. Hope no one hates it!

  3. So close but yet so far. New Moon comparison video is awesome...

  4. Still trying to figure out thoe whole Birthday Train idea. Does each blog link to another the way one train car links to the next?

  5. Yes everyone is posting a link to the next stop. It was Robmusements idea. Except Twisted Edbrella hasn't posted yet...maybe because of the time difference...

    xo J

  6. Ah, you were so close to him!! Could you at least smell the angelic waft coming off him? I probably would have a heart attack if I ever manage to get that close to him. I’m glad that you were able to share that experience with your sissy. Great post!

  7. @HG: "Could you at least smell the angelic waft coming off of him?" <~~~PMSL! I WISH!!!
    Prior to going I kept joking with my Sis that I just wanted to breath in the same air!

  8. Oh Jen, I think I've mentioned before about how I talk a good game, but if I ever saw His Holy Hotness in the realz I would undoubtedly drool like I have special needs, and most likely shit my pants. Pretty, no?

    I'm not sure what happened with Edbrella? :(
    Hope they are here tomorrow!


  9. @smartEpantz: LMFAO! Special needs..OMG too funny. Yah I was pretty ridiculous really. Like I said, I might have been able to pull it together had he come right up to me...but their are no guarantees.

    xo J

  10. It took me a while to understand the birthday train concept, but I've got it now.....And i think its AWESOME and SUPER creative...You GALS ROCK!!!!!
    Haunted Airman is one of my fave Rob movies despite the creepy theme and weird ending....I am glad to see the review for Haunted Airman included on the train....Woot Woot!!!!!

  11. The break up scene still upsets me :( I can feel Bella's pain.

    I was LOLing at you losing all control as Rob was getting closer. I'd probably piss myself then pass out. Not good!

    Fab post P.S we have posted over at edbrella towers now.

  12. Sorry guys, it took me so long to make sure I'd got the time difference right that I deleted, changed, delted and then changed the time back. Unfortunately when I changed it back I think I must have put 12.30 instead of 00.30. I actually got up for the loo at 3am and came to check and ended up posting it manually!

    Anyway, Fab post Jen, congrats on getting to the premiere too, are you planning on going to the Eclipse one? I loved that second vid, was willing it not to end!


    Thanks for sharing! Fabulous post!



  14. "Vampire"
    sorry couldn't resist it... ;-)

    Oh New Moon... what can I say? I am just happy they kept as much Edward in it as possible. Me and my sister were honestly debating if we'd even go and see it BUT I decided that even 5 sec of Rob would be worth going to see it... thrice...
    p.s. I can top your experience... Rob actually waved at me (and was probably 2nd hand embarassed but who cares right?)

  15. LOVED LOVED LOVED hearing your account! I'm just a teeny weeny bit (ok. a whole lotta) jealous that you guys were at the premiere of NM!...and feet away from Mr. Pattinson! You breathed the same air! I would have probably passed out. Love the vids!


  16. Awesome that you were there for LA premiere night. I remember living it through live feeds and twitpics.

    I saw NM 5 times at the theatre, and it's not my favorite of the books... Sad but true. I won't lie either, I did watch it for Rob. I always omit SharkBoy and The Wolves parts.

    Hopefully, Eclipse will get you closer to Rob. If you hit the premiere that is.

  17. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    xo J


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