Monday, May 17, 2010

Backstage at Oprah for USA Today. UPDATE: Robsten sneaks off!

Woah! I'll let you make your assumptions about this pic while I just SQUEEEEE the rest of the day.

Backstage @ Oprah...pic for USA Today.

To read about Robsten's "supposed" Laguna Beach getaway to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Nigel this weekend...CLICK HERE! IF this is true (yes) it means they were 1 hour North of me!!!




  1. @Nocona - I know! I just picked up USA Today and they did not use this particular pic (surprise surprise!) but I just adore it.
    xo J

  2. That is the BEST pic! I love, love, LOVE IT. A picture is worth a thousand words, right??? That picture is saying a lot of words that Rob and Kristen are NOT saying! LOL

  3. @HG - LOL, IF I had a fancy photoshop program, MY face would be there ;)
    xo J

  4. Jen, I saw that Robsten pic a few days ago and I thought about you immediately. If I wasn't on my iphone I was gonna send it to you, glad you got to see it and blog about it. Due to your influence I am sure I am slowly moving from indifference to a case of Robstenitis....
    cos I squeee'd when I saw it too!


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