Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rob...a household name?

So I'm finally back home after staying with my parents for a few days during termite tenting. I love spending time with my family, probably more than the normal person, but I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight. The Aero-bed we take with us just doesn't cut it.

Us chillin' @ my parents. JK

Moving on...while at my parents over the weekend, I tried to grab as much computer time as possible. To those who don't know, I am totally OUT with my twi/rob-obsession, and seeing as Elusive S is currently living with my parents, she's out too. So of course, as soon as I saw pictures of Rob arriving in Vancouver I yelled over my shoulder,"Rob's arrived!!! He's in Vancouver!" SQUEEEEE! Immediately my Mom indulges me from the kitchen and yells something to the effect of "Oooh, cool." Then my Sister yells back "Oooooh!!!" Then my s/o says, "Who? Robert Pattterson?" to which I respond "Duh..., and it's Pattinson." I swear if he doesn't start getting it right, I might need to rethink our whole situation....I kid.

Speaking of Rob, Vancouver and such...YES, there was some speculation of drama during the re-shoots...not sure if the truth will surface or not...I just hope all is ok. I have previously expressed my weariness of Eclipse, and what I have seen so far....but truthfully, speculating to death exhausts me. Guess I just need to leave it to the powers that be. BUT "JACKSPER'S" HAIR REALLY F*CKING PISSES ME OFF. Ok, I'm done.

Shall we move on? Here are the newest pics of Rob arriving in LA...w/ Taylor. Apparently Kristen is off to NYC & will be attending the Costume Institute Gala at the MET on Monday May 3rd.

Um, do u see what my mind wants to see?!

Serious jaw porn.

Rob & his fifth appendage...err.. sixth.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Taylor

On a side note, Twired Sista' & I recorded a vid last night. I'll admit I was kind of annoying, and wanted to keep re-doing it. I can't help it, I get all hot, sweaty and nervous. Anyhoo, we attempted to post it, but for some reason the upload process was taking FOREVER. If Elusive S can get it to work, she'll post it. IF NOT, then we'll just try again. I hate how uncooperative technology can be.

Until next time,



  1. LAX S-E-X strides!

    What drama? Please speculate! Was Rob pitching a tent fit? I would like to know where this private concert was that he performed.

  2. @Jen LOL @ the 'in bed' photo..
    as a huge jackson h00r (you know i have to blame that on you!) isn't it our duty to get the word out to scummit about the piss-poor hair? even his post 'ive been in car for 12 hours- stage hair' is WAY better then the crap we see on film.

    can't wait to see the video :-)

  3. Hey, Jen!! Finally here and getting caught up. As you know, RL has been kicking my ass.

    Jackson's hair in Eclipse is beyond awful. Remember when we thought it was bad in Twilight? What I wouldn't give to have that back. Geez!

    And, yes, I see what your mind wants to see ;) Loved the "Oh, and I almost forgot, Taylor."

    @TongueTwied - What I wouldn't give to hear Rob sing and play his guitar and/or piano. Gah!!!

    @Jayla - "even his post i've been in car for 12 hours stage hair" LMAO!


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