Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Hale of Jackson Hotness!!!

Oh. My. Gawd. New sexy as hell pics of Jackson Rathbone.

Wow. Totally loving the red background and the hardcore rocker vibe. Did anyone else think of Dave Navarro? Jackson is about a 1,000 times hotter than Dave...but it's the first thought I had. What do you think? Feeling a bit feverish? Might be Jacksonitis!

*Click here for more pics/info/source.

Two posts in one morning! If you missed this mornings post, click here. It's worth it! ;)



  1. And this is more proof that they totally fucked him over in the Twilight Saga!!!!!!!!!! He has his own sexhair thing going on, especially in that last picture. Can't stop looking at his thumb tucked in his jacket, either.

    How is ES? Is she still breathing?! LOL!


  2. @Lisa: ES is at work so she hasn't seen them yet. I'm at work too, but have much easier access to the internet. I think she'll choke!

    xo J

  3. coming! Le Sigh! Those are some hawt hawt hawt pics! Thanks for sharing your Jacksonitis! We will all have caught it if we see much more of that :)


  4. Oh my fuuuuckkkkk ~ UNF
    I love you Jen!!!

    How is it they had this to work with and STILL managed to fuck it up?
    WHY couldn't they have let this be Jasper??

    When will they learn they NEED one of us there... at ALL times ~ just to keep them from making any more of a mess!!

    Love the pics Jen ~ xoxoxo Thank you!

    Much love ~ Ginny

  5. I would like Dave Navarro and Jackson Rathbone to make a sandwich with me... if you know what I mean. YUM. Thanks for waking up my lady bits today.


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