Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love it, or hate it?

Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball in the form of fashion. That curve-ball happens to be Kristen Stewart's dress for the Costume Institute Gala that was held at the Met in NYC on Monday night.

Chanel Spring 2010 Haute Couture dress...
It's very "angular."

Hello there!

That dress just isn't doing it for me.
I have never liked the idea of asymmetry when it pertains to fashion. I also dislike the illusion that the see through material creates. Though as odd as I find this dress, KStew still rocks it, as she does most things she wears. I definitely prefer the rear view. As for the hair...eh. Not my favorite do...on the Stew ;)

I have always though Kristen Stewart was naturally beautiful, so of course I cringed when I looked at the first picture and she reminded me a combo or Evan Rachel Wood, Deeta Von Teese & Rumor Willis (gasp!)

Love you Kristen!

What do you all think? Tell me, in the comments.



  1. I'm okay with the bottom portion, it's the top that I don't really care for. She's so lucky, she looks good in everything but I agree, maybe this was not quite cause for the Fashion Police, after all, it's illegal to hate on Chanel, but it's not what I would have chosen for her, if I were her stylist.

    The top of the dress seems to devour her.

  2. @HG: I agree...you can't hate on Chanel. Also, KStew can rock a paper bag. BUT I definitely never would have had her wear that...IF I'd had a choice in the matter. ;)

  3. I know nothing about fashion. I do know I hate this dress. KStew is beautiful, but this wasn't her best look.

  4. Well, you already know that we agree with the Rumer Willis comparison. Too funny!!! And you know I'm not feeling the dress or hair :(


  5. Have to admit I hated it. But like that she takes risks and doesn't conform. I know she already has tons of attitude but I wish she had more when she poses...she still has that sheepish, embarrassed, uncomfortable thing going on when she should just front it out and wear the hell out of whatever edgy piece she's wearing. And not let it wear her...

    I also thought (whispers) she looked a tiny bit butch in some of shots I saw...(runs for cover)....

  6. @Em: TOTALLY AGREE....tried to whisper...couldn't! xo


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