Friday, May 21, 2010

All in the name of Rob & Kris...and Tay too!

Here? Where's "here" you ask?


Ok, I did it. I bought tix for Saturday! Why Saturday? Because it's the evening ROB & KRIS are going to be there!!! Oh, and Taylor too! (sorry Tay...I'm excited to see you as well!) In all seriousness I knew I wanted to do something Twilight related come June....aside from seeing Eclipse of course. Living in Southern California we are definitely privy to many Twi-tunities ;) LA is a 2 hour drive North of San Diego... because of that, ES & I have been able to see 100 Monkeys at the Viper Room 3 times, as well as participate in the New Moon Premier shenanigans last year. I had mentioned in a previous post "My Turn to Whine with Wine" that I didn't get Jimmy Kimmel tix, wasn't going to go to the Eclipse premiere (because 1 day of waiting on the street for NM was enough), and that we were skipping the 100 Monkeys show at the Roxy because it's all ages and we can't really afford to stay overnight...because of course we'd be drinking. I also mentioned that I really wanted to go to the LA Twi Convention, but that tickets were too expensive...I was waiting to see if they'd release cheaper ones. Oddly enough, I had justified in my head that if they released single day tix, & they were around $30...that I'd buy them....

Fast fwd to this morning...I'm sitting in front of my computer and keep checking the Creation Entertainment site to see if they have added the single day tix (which I knew they would eventually)...I realized I wasn't following them on twitter, so I promptly signed in and followed them...Within mere minutes I see a tweet that they're now selling single day tix. SQUEEEE! I rush over to the site and stop dead in my tracks. Ugh....they're $49 I mumble to myself. Frantically I text ES & she texts back that she doesn't really have the money either, but that she'll figure it out if I really want to go. I then check my gmail, only to find that Dangrdafne has sent me an email informing me that the single day tix were available. That made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. *muah* Dangrdafne, thank you for thinking of me!

Get to the point right? I have no point! I just sat there grappling with myself back and forth...should I, shouldn't I? Should I? Shouldn't I?

"You don't ...want me?"

YES Rob, YES, I want you. I'm cumming! I mean, ES & I are coming! I grabbed my c.c. & purchased 2 tix. I thought about waiting around for the unreserved seating tix...but then I just said "F*CK IT." I want to know we have seats.

Then, as if the Rob Gawds were smiling down upon Grandma gave me $20 today, just for fun. That means my ticket was really only $30! And, that's what I'd originally said I'd spend. Love you Gma! xo

Ok I'm sure you're sick of hearing about this by now, I'm just super excited for SAT JUNE 12th, 2010!!! Wonder if they let you have your camera during the panel with Rob, Kris & Tay? Hmmm, might have to sneak it in my bra...lmao!



  1. So exciting! I got ours today too! Thank baby Jesus that we have assigned seats cause we didn't at Comic Con and it was a mess! I think I read somewhere that you can't bring video recording equipment and still photos are for personal use only. So bring your camera...shit bring 2!

  2. Of course, we are insanely jealous! We want a minute by minute account of all things Rob!

  3. @LMSE- Did you get the single day reserved for Sat too? If so, I got an email conf. but it said they are going to send another email which will have seat 3-5 days...

    I forgot that u went to Comic Con...It was open seating?

  4. I'm really jealous... I should really get a plane ticket out to San Diego and stay with my bff's dad and his partner. And find a way to LA.. if a plane ticket didnt cost so much money I would totally go. I'd of course have to go alone because my bff doesn't really like Twilight, I swear if it were not for 10 years of being bff's and being the godmother to her children, I'd drop her like a hot potato lol.

  5. Sometimes you just have to say F@&$ it and do it. I am glad you did. I hope that it won't set you back too much. I am also glad I made you happy with my email :) I like to help when I can :)

  6. Yep, we got the Sat. tix too! I'm so effing excited, I couldn't stop *squeeing* all day. My hubby wanted to slap me :) Yea, at Comic Con we stood in line for like 8 hours and then they brought us into the huge hall and it was everyone for themselves! They told everyone no running but you better believe bitches were running for seats up front!

  7. Hell yes! Take lots of pics!!! I’m excited for you. I wanted to go, but I leave Cali 6/3. *@#$!!!

  8. @LMSE- Sorry I was asking you on twitter, didn't see your comment back to me until just now. Sooo exciting. We'll have to make a point to find out where we're both sitting!

    @HG- Are you coming to San Diego??

  9. I'm so excited for you guys!!!! You know if you have a camera that takes video - you might be able to sneek some vid in there. :)

    @Kassie - you know I would totally go with you (if I had the money -which I don't). Maybe they'll come to our Twi Convention here in Chicago in September. I'm seriously thinking about saving up the money to go.

  10. This is SO EXCITING!!! I can't wait to hear all about your fun and what happens when you assault Rob. Many pictures, and DETAILS! I demand them!!!
    I LOVE that your grandma gave you $20 - go g-ma!

  11. in the immortal words of angela Oh.My.Gawd!
    YAY i am so excited for you and your sister! congratuleffinlations!!!

  12. Gosh I'm so jealous. 1)that you are going to the convention and 2) that you live in CA!
    I loved them on Jimmy Kimmel so much in November, can't wait to see the show in June!
    Yes, take many pics!

    In other news, I wrote my first post today on blogspot. It's under robzsinger, check it out:)

  13. Woot woot! Soooo jealous... well not. I'm super happy for you, seriously. You've read TC's account from Vancouver Twilight Convention... well, she set the bar. We expect nothing less from you, I told you that on FB, lol.

  14. @Jelena- I'm not sure if I can post anything close to as detailed and spiffy as Ms. TC, but I'll sure try!

    xo J

  15. Good for you (and of course SUPER jealous!) Think of all the joy, fun, memories and family bonding that $30 is gonna give you - that's an investment damn it!

    You better be tweeting and twitpic'n the entire time to us unfortunate, non-Convention gals.

    Also - Google and find some binoculars that also function as a camera. I've seen pics of those conventions and god forbid you are way in the back and can't see squat. Take regular binoculars at least!

    Better yet, if they have Wi-fi and let you bring in your laptop & webcam, you can set up a link and charge us hoores that can't make it - that could definitely make you some $$ for Forks! :) (Always got ur back)

    Have fun - we'll be green with envy on the other side of the screen.


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