Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh say can you see!

Happy Monday! Thought I'd share this with you this morning.

I'm glad someone actually thought to put something like this together, otherwise I would have completely forgotten. Remember my post a while back about going to a Padres baseball game with my Dad & Elusive S? If you need a refresher, check it out here. Well....we were trying to find out seats, a little girl started singing the national anthem. Of course, like everyone else in the ball park we stood still to listen out of respect. All of a sudden when she got to the Twilight part ES & I looked at each other and smirked. I totally forgot they said Twilight in the National Anthem!

I am sure Lisa from 17foreverlisa & LKW from Twitarded have never overlooked this important detail, but it had been a while since I'd been to a baseball game.

It's the little things in life that bring a smile to the faces of us Twihards!

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  1. I had completely forgotten about Twilight in the star spangled banner. Thanks for reminding me. Love the flag/twilight pic. Must use that around July 4th.

    Come visit me sometime at SpooningInForks.

  2. @TwitardedMom: Just commented on your post yesterday I believe. Good to see you're back to posting! You had gone MIA for a while. Hope all is good with you ;) Don't forget to come back tonight for the birthday blog train!
    xo J


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