Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh....MY....Emmet, is that you???

Holy Kellan Hottness......For the first time in my twi-life, Kellan has left me speechless. Yes, I just said that. Here are some outtakes of him & an uber-hot Pocahontes-esque lookin' model. The pics were taken for Cosmopolitan magazine...Wow, haven't read that since I was 15... Enjoy the pics ;)

Gettin' it on with Pocahontas.

Does that tickle? Hmm..Jax has a tattoo of a feather..mmm...Jax...
Ooops, sorry Kellan.

Um...KLutz, are you NEKKID???

Are white stretch pants coming back in for the men-folks?
Shit, better tell my Twad!


*Stay tuned folks, tomorrow is the kick off to Rob's BIRTHDAY BLOG TRAIN!!!

**In case you missed my Mommys Day vid..of sorts, check it out here.



  1. Wow the tights were the first thing I saw.

    The model THINGS she's ash... pffffft!

  2. Oh my...I wouldn't kick him out of bed...

  3. Hey! Hands off my boy! :D

    Just kidding. Maybe. ;)

    Anyhow, just like Jacksonitis, Kellan snicks up on you, and eventually everyone is suffering from it. I'm a Lutzaholic, and I don't plan on going to rehab for that one.

  4. Holy Hell. He looks sooooo happy to be posing half nekkid. We're happy to see him too.

    btw- Great Twitards think alike. I've already scheduled a Kellan post for later today.

  5. i'm speechless. and breathless. in fact i may be dead right now? thank you kellan, for a lovely last few minutes of life.

  6. OMG... Kellan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    <3 KC

  7. @Sandi: Are you a new follower? Looks like it! Thanks for the comment girl!
    xo J

  8. Um... I have to say that there are occassions that Kellan is mega hot. (But he has never been hotter than Rob to me.) These pics are TDF! Oh my oh my...

    I need that Cullen menage a cinq... Now more than ever!

    (And the one where Kel looks nekkid, there is a TINY sliver of black something near his bubblicious ass... Not sure if it's a towel, boxer briefs, or what. Hopefully something easy to yank.)

  9. @Kassie: Thanks for following us too!

    @rpfangirldc: I saw that little black sliver, was trying to ignore it! ;) Totally agree with you on the whole "Kellan never being hotter than Rob." Amen to that.


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