Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drinko de Mayo & mucho more!



If I didn't have to work this afternoon, I'd be knockin' back a few of these for sure! Mmm.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, let's raise our icy cold margaritas in appreciation of Mr. Pattinson!

"I fancy a margarita now & then."

...Looks like you've already had a few!

Moving on, is it just me, or do you feel like the bloggy world is a buzz this week? Lots going on, and I'm super excited!!!

First of all, Summit has announced today that Breaking Dawn will be released on.....


NOVEMBER 18th, 2011!

Whether or not it will be 1 or 2 films, has yet to be announced. At this point, I'm guessing it will be 2...

Second, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Dakota Fanning were in Chicago today taping the Oprah show that will be airing on Thursday May 13th. Lucky audience members were given the amazing opportunity to see Eclipse! You can find details here.

Speaking of Eclipse...a NEW still was released today. SPOILER VIRGINS, watch that Twimen of yours. Here it comes.....



Last but certainly not least, check out this new yummy wallpaper from Robsessed.

Right click to save!

P.S. "Apparently" there is a pic of RPattz & KStew holding hands at O'Hare...I looked at the pic and you can't see any "hand holding"...however the person that took it swears they were. I'm sure pics will surface it that's the case. For now, I'll just cross my fingers like a good lil' Robsten lover.

UPDATE: If you're interested in my BD theory, I'll tell ya. If not, move on bitches! JK
I just think it's going to be 2 movies, and I agree with the rumor of them starting to film this Fall. They have always said that if it was going to be 2 movies, they would like to film both parts back to back. The Twilight Saga movies have a pattern of about 3-ish mos. of filming, and 7-ish mos. of post-production. With that's what I see happening...

BD part 1 filming: Sept-Nov 2010
Holiday break: Dec 2010
BD part 2 filming: Jan-Mar 2011
Post-production: April-Oct 2011
RELEASE: Nov 18th, 2011



  1. I live about 10 miles from the border...ME-HE-CO, here I come! Nah, not really. It's too scary over there right now. I'll just raise my beer from the comfort of my own home later and drink to the hotness that is Mr. P.

  2. Sweet! We now have a director, and a date!! I seriously am freaking out over this last movie(s)

    If they really want to milk it, and make me happy, they'd consider filming Midnight Sun. Okay, whatever, I just saw a fanmade vid and it was awesome. :)

    Happy Cinco de Mayo... Ariba... Ariba...

  3. Nov 2011?!??!?

    That is 2 whole birthdays away from now! I could pop out 2 kids back to back by then! I could go back to school and get another degree by then! That is way too long! I hope that is the date for BD Part II! I'll never make it THAT long, unless maybe SM publishes MS early 2011.

  4. Happy Cinco de Rob-o! I think I'll make one in honor of the day... if you missed it:
    It's a real drink - the Cinco de Rob-o. ;)

    I am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT BREAKING DAWN!!!! And I forget who, but one of the stars (KStew, I *think*) sad something about filming starting in the fall for BD. I'll try to find the quote... but you might be right! Squee!!

  5. @TT: LMAO...two whole birthdays indeed is. But I'm sure will be worth the wait.

    @MB: I checked it out..commented. Not sure how I missed it?! As for're right. I believe it was Kristen who said that...and Kellan too! Squeee!

  6. I have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is being so farrrrr away but thanks for the new Eclipse still (Yum) :-) I am so excited that Eclipse is coming out soon, it was my fave book of all the series. I read an account of someone who saw the Oprah screening and without giving away anything she said it was so much better than the Twilight and New Moon movies with lots of action and lots of ROMANCE..and lots of Jasper (squee). Now I really can't wait.... have a few of those yummy drinks for me when you knock off work tonight...

  7. They have a lot of making up to do after New Moon. I'm just sayin Eclipse and the BDs had better dazzle me, OR ELSE!

    I didn't Drinko de Mayo but I did have taquitos for dinner. I expect to be peeing out of my ass later tonight.

  8. No Drinko de Mayo here, either. I save everything up for Fridays *waves at mmMoxie*.

    That is definitely too far away, but I think you're theory may be right, Jen.


    word ver: emoodsnu - I hope e's mood's nu in Eclipse. LOL!

  9. @Mox/Lisa: My s/o works Fri I'm totally down for some DML and twitter shenanigans! xoxo

  10. @Jen - sorry - no DML this Friday. Lizardstew, Copa Shoe Girl and I are going to The Ranch. You'll have to settle for twitter shenanigans.


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