Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Gift to Rob:

.....Chugga Chugga, Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo!

Rob's week-long Birthday Blog Train, installment #2!
(5.13.2010 is Rob's actual birthday)

Thanks to Robmusement for the fun idea!

If I could give Rob anything for his 24th birthday, and funds were unlimited of course, I'd give him his own private island...

"Isle Clare"
(Clare is his RL Mom's name)

Rob could use Isle Clare any way he wished. I'm thinking with Eclipse promotions approaching, he might want to get away with Kristen for a week or so... to rest up of course ;)

(my blog, my rules)

He might like to invite his parents too!

Clare & Richard Pattinson. You can see where Rob gets his looks!
His parents are adorable!

Maybe he'd also like to have one or more of his best buddies come along...Tom Sturridge for sure!

Bromance at it's finest.

Of course while on Isle Clare, Rob can be assured that he'll have access to a perfectly tuned piano, because you already know he's got his guitar in tow.

A man & his piano. Beautiful. Rob & his piano. Priceless.

Rob will most definitely have an unlimited supply of beer!

No words really...

Oh, and everyone says he likes hot pockets, so I'd make sure he had those at his disposal too!

I don't believe I have ever had one.

And last, but certainly not least...

Rob will not have to deal with the pesky Paparazzi on Isle Clare...

Nor will have to deal with this...

Crazy Fan Girls.

I would hope if Rob ever saw this (ahem...slim-to-none chance) he'd be pleased with what I'd like to give him (blowjob) for his birthday, if I could.

Note to Rob: Sorry about the manip pic of you and Kristen, I couldn't resist!

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  1. This was really funny and entertaining. The Hot Topic fan girls. Holy snot rockets! That's hilarious.

  2. That last pic scared the shit out of me

  3. :) I realized I didn't imbed the links...sorry guys. I was so busy today at work and thought of it last minute.

    Love the fan girls huh?!

    xo J

  4. Ok...I imbedded links to make it easier for you gals..

  5. I can't believe I'mma say this, but I think I'd actually prefer to look at the manip Of Rob and Stew than the fucked up fangirls!!!!!
    Hey, at least I know the manip isn't real *snicker* but those girls are out there...somewhere...

    You are so funny! Wait till you see my post, I think you'll likey!


  6. See we are classy crazy fangirls!

    So I guess seeing as how you are "servicing" him you get a room at this secluded island too with Rob and his family. Sh*t why didn't I think of that? Brilliant chickadee!

  7. I think I am going to have nightmares after seeing those fangirls. *shivers*

    Your gift was wonderful and very well thought out!

    I adore that you include his friends and family... So sweet!

  8. Dude, I was scrolling along just fine until you had to freak me out with your Hot Topic chicks. LOL!!

  9. I row the boat Isle Clare and no brunettes allowed. Only unnatural blondes. J/K. Those fangirls are fucked up...big time!

  10. @Mrs. P: You row the boat "to" Isle Clare? LMAO! Sweet, that means I'm in...well I was born natural, but not so much anymore...

  11. First things first, what the hell were those chicks thinking?! Ohmygeez. Freaked me out a little. Secondly, I love the idea of Isle Claire. I love the name Claire. His mom and dad are the cutest! I also think Tom is a cutie! Love the photo manip.

    Great post!


  12. Those fangirls scared the shit outta me!

    fab post


  13. Holy hell, those girls are scary! I think Rob would appreciate you trying to shelter him from them. :D

  14. OK... I've seen crazy fan girls.. but those two gave me the heebee jeebee's YIKES, double time with a side order of ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?

    But I loved the rest of the post.. well except I would rather it were me with him instead of.. well you know...

    (Walking away shaking head *grumble, mumble,grumble*)


  15. @Kelly: LMAO at that last part!

  16. @ jen: 1) great gifts to rob - even though i don't give a crapsten - as you stated, your blog, your rules. 2) those fan girls would frighten the volutri! that’s just seriously disturbing on so many levels.


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