Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kristen Stewart rocks & Rob strums!? :)

I'm not really a big fan of Elle Magazine. I guess because it's mainly high fashion...and I'm not high fashion. I prefer to read Self, Good Housekeeping & the occasional Glamour. However I purchased Elle the other day for the first time in a LONG time, solely due to the fact that Ms. Kristen Stewart was gracing the cover.

Not only did I want to see the pictures inside, I was really anxious to read the article in it's entirety. If you're a virgin to this issue of Elle, and don't want to see all of the pictures, then you might want to skip through to the very bottom. As for the article itself, it's pretty fascinating, & was done in two parts. The first during the late summer right after she finished filming The Runaways, and the second presumably within the last couple of months from what I can tell. The interview definitely covers Kristen's "palpable" uncomfortableness in the public eye, her films... including the Twilight franchise, her family, as well as a brief question of Team Edward or Team Jacob in real life. Didn't she totally dis a reporter for asking something similar to this during Sundance?! She does go onto say what she's said before, that she doesn't think revealing who she's dating will lighten up the load of questions. The interviewer does note that Kristen had the book version of Bel Ami downloaded onto her Kindle, as if that was some sort of hint. If you're a Kristen fan, or even just curious, I highly recommend purchasing this issue of Elle. If you just want to see the pics, look below.

Of course I took pictures of the magazine! Inside, and out...

This is my fave, and turned out the worst when I tried to take a pic. I bet Mrs. P would love these boots!

I found the vid of KStew walking away from a reporter during Sundance. She actually asks Kristen if she's Team Edward in real life. Skip to 20 sec to see Kristen, skip to 1.30 to see the interviewer ask the QUESTION. Personally, I think it's rude. She was there to promote The Runaways, not Eclipse or her personal life.

Go Kristen!

AND...before I end this post, did you see the pic of Rob (do I even have to say Robert Pattinson?) at Norman's Rare Guitars in Tarzana, CA on Sat May 22nd? No? Here ya go!

The dog looks about as thrilled as Rob...
So adorkable, and such a good sport!

Good night ladies



  1. I keep wishing he secretly signed another guitar there that will go on auction. I love Kristens pics. The cover is a bit dowdy looking from far away but I love the last two. Yeah for LA!

  2. TC- I totally agree with the cover. My friend at work said she liked it and it lightened her up a bit. She's not a fan of the black rocker look that KS has... I am. I think it works for her. But I'm sure Elle put her in it and she agreed, since the inside pics are much edgier.

    xo J

  3. OMG! That last pic, those boots!

    Can anyone tell me what Rob's hat is all about. What does LB stand for?

  4. @RobzSinger - Seeing as I'm in CA...the only LB I know of is LONG BEACH. Or it could be LEGS & BOOBS :) JK..I have no idea. Online it says Long Beach State 49ers have that hat...who knows...

  5. I was so pissed when I saw that Serbian edition of ELLE magazine doesn't have Kristen Stewart on the cover. IDK if they're going to do it for the july edition, or skip it altogether. I had wanted to wait to read it until then, but I guess I will have to read it online.

    A couple of those photos are really fantastic, and I love her look on the cover.

  6. LMAO! I hadn't read your caption yet below the last picture and I was thinking the exact same thing about those boots and our Mrs. P :)

    I love the rocker chick look on Kristen. She seems very comfortable with it.

    I remember that Sundance question and dis. So awkward and disrepectful, especially since she was there to promote The Runaways.

    @RobzSinger - The LB hat is from Long Beach State in California. A good online friend, Z Any Mouse, lives right by there and her son will be attending in the Fall. She loves that Rob wears that hat so much.

    @Twired Jen - Z Any Mouse went with Twilove1 and F-Kat over the weekend to see the sets for Water for Elephants. Email me if you want to see pictures.

  7. Kristen is a gorgeous woman. I think she really enjoys photo shoots like this. Almost like a different persona gets to come out in the pictures. I will have to look for this magazine. Maybe my hair dresser will have it like the Vanity Fair with Rob in it LOL :)


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