Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rob outtakes & facepunch.

Anyone have any objections to some new Rob outtakes? No? GREAT! Enjoy!

Arm Porn.

I have the urge to bury my nose in the collar of that sweater...mmm...

Now that I have your attention... I'm willing to bet that EVERYONE has watched this new Eclipse teaser that aired during the Oprah show...the one where Edward confronts Jacob for kissing Bella...If not, it's your lucky day.

*Spoiler Virgins Beware*


My random thoughts:

1. Angry Edward is SEXY as hell.
2. Um, that last part...where Jacob is shirtless...OH. MY. GAWD
3. At 33 sec, after Edward asks "Doesn't he have a shirt?" Jake has the sexiest look on his face. Hot Damn.
4. This scene gets me the most excited to see Eclipse thus far.

Yes, I'm still Team Edward. Doesn't mean I can't oogle the beef patty, err.. cake.

One last thing before I let ya go...DG & I had dinner with some friends last night, and even though it was around 11pm when I got into bed, I wasn't tired yet. I glanced at my bed side table which has had Eclipse sitting on it for a little over a month. Truthfully, I've been reading it off and on, and hadn't picked it up for about 2 weeks...I flipped it open with giddy anticipation (as always) and realized I had left off right before Jacob kisses Bella & the famous FACEPUNCH! Pretty neat coincidence.

P.S. I'd like to wish Jeanette over at Robmusement a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope were able to do something fun & relaxing today!



  1. Thank you honey. It was a great day

  2. lovely pics. must go shower now

  3. @RobzSinger: I know....I know.

  4. My opinion on the photos? VERY Robward.

  5. Is it wrong that when I watch that clip I imagine Edward & Jacob kissing....hmmmmmmmmm.

  6. done&died! 5th picture is very Danny in Grease. giggle

  7. Excellent Sunday post. Great pics, interesting admissions from you (about Taylor/Jacob), and some Eclipse love. Ahhhhh

  8. @Dandrdafne: - ;) Yah...that part of the clip where Jake is standing by his car waiting for Bella to cross the treaty line just does me in. He's got this "come hither" look about him. Taycob DEFINITELY has his moments, but he'll NEVER hold a candle to Edward.

  9. Excuse me...I have to put some ice on my head, I bumped it when I fainted...

  10. Ooh I actually stopped breathing a bit then. Angry Edward is a sexy Mo Fo!And yes I like the occasional perve at Taycob bod. Rude not to when he's worked so bloody hard on it ;)


  11. Panties went *poff* as usual when new RobP0rn hits the net!

  12. LOVED IT! I loved him saying,"Doesn't he have a shirt." I think this is going to be the best one yet!!!! Love the pictures of Rob! My only complaint with the scene of the kiss is that Bella was mad too and Charlie was the one defending Jacob. That scene was not quite as intence in the book and Bella was huffy with Jacob and Jacob was laughing. But wow loved seeing Edward mad like that. Can not wait to see this movie! All I can say is they better have gotten the engagement scene right.

  13. pic #3 makes me feel like a woman


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