Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Not everyone loves Jackson the way we here at Twired love Jackson. However, Elusive S probably loves him more than any of us. After all, she is the one who spread the ever so infectious disease known as Jacksonitis.

Recently it has come to my attention that our friend Jackson isn't getting the RESPECT he deserves, at least when his roll as Jasper is concerned. Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

We'll start with Twilight Jasper:

Ok, he's got the Edward Scizzorhands thing going on with the hair...which isn't entirely horrible. His face looks super hot, MOS in full force. I look at this and feel a bit scared, a bit turned on...and unbelievable calm...HEY JASPER, NO FAIR WITH THE MOOD CONTROL THING!

Next up New Moon Jasper:

My Grandma's hair looks way better than this. Apparently he wore a wig in New Moon. If you look at certain pictures of him out and about while filming, his hair was totally different. Click here to see an example. And as for his eyes...um did he go all Volturi or some shit?

Next up...Eclipse Jasper:

On the Eclipse set in Vancouver.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!...ok I'm done.....We have all seen this right? Uh...so...who knew Vampire's hair got lighter in the sun? That certainly looks like a wig to me. It's got a Ronald Mc Donald-ish edge to it...don't ya think? Awful. Simply awful.

Finally...the anticipated *NEW* Eclipse promo shot:

Oh Jesus! Jacksper, what have they done to you? This is seriously atrocious. Also, I'm a bit confused. That looks like it could be his real hair, but styled in the most gag-worthy way possible. Not sure if the promo shots were done before, or after filming of the movie...Nonetheless, it's a shame that a gorgeous man such as Jackson ends up reminding me of these two things...

Jasper...I mean Lucy? I do LOVE LUCY~

This poodle is channeling Jasper for sure.

Frankly I don't get it. Are they trying to "ugly" him up? I don't remember reading about Jasper, the UGLY Vampire...do you?

Maybe Bill Condon can add some gold contacts & keep him like this?

Ah well, I guess we can't always get what we want. You don't hear me bragging about waking up to RPattz now do you? Nah...didn't think so.

It's late for me, and I know this was long ...so... I leave you with this giggle inducer:


Jackson Rathbone...we love ya...even if they do "ugly" you up to play Jasper.

P.S....Big smooch to Leigh over at Our Twilight Bubble for giving me the idea for Respect JRath & the poodle comparison. Check Leigh & Marie out. They rock!

P.S.S...100 Monkeys is taking a break from their 100 City Tour & coming back to So Cal! I'm sure mainly because Jackson has to start his Eclipse promotions soon. First So Cal show...The Roxy in LA on 5/28. Check their site...I'm sure more shows will pop up! SQUEEE!



  1. Like I was saying in an earlier post of yours, we thought he looked effed up in Twilight. I'd take that look back any day over the other two. WTF? I can't believe he stands for it!!

  2. I think they ugly him up b/c he is borderline as hot if not hotter than Patzy...oh yeah...I went there. You can't have the bridesmaid looking better then the bride now can you?


    *cringes and waits for shitstorm*

  3. Oh that wig poster--LMAO!!! I don't think Jackson gets how cute he is.

    In RL recently I've been saying, "I saw Luscious Jackson, NOT that girl band!"

    @Stoney LOL! Let's leave it at borderline as hot.

  4. Nooooo!! *shaking my fist in the air*

    I am definitely not Team Jasper, but I truly feel like shedding a tear for the boy since everyone's so dead set on ulgying him up for each movie. I mean, I'm ALMOST ashamed to call myself a Twilight fan when one of the characters has hair like that. *points to Jasper*

    Please Bill Condon, please make his hair prettier for Breaking Dawn! Make me proud.

  5. I love this of course... and I stand by my theory that they had to ugly him (hey and even PFac and Kellan) up for the role... so that they wouldn't come close to outshining the ROB.

    I have a plan for Bill though... if Jasper's hair can get longer and blonder with each installment... why can't he dye his hair brown or black? :D


  6. *Hides all the curling irons and wigs on the BD set*

    Jackson needs to stand up for himself and his head!!!

    Down with the Poodle!!!!!!

  7. Ugh. Wig = Blerg.

    @Stoney ~ I got your shitstorm right heeeeere!!!


  8. hi jen & elusive

    (computer issues- i know this is late)
    thanks for such a great post to point out all of the awful awful things scummit does to poor jackson.

    yay - glad to hear 100 monkey's are heading back to so cal. (hmm, and excuse to visit my sorority sister in san diego- lol). hopefully they will make it back to dc - andmarty will be left behind (eck!)

  9. Poor Jackson getting stuck with Poodle hair!!! Outrageous. Although, my oldest son has the same hair as Jackson does in the latest Eclipse still.... but with a tan.....I keep telling Jordan that he looks like a younger Jasper and he just rolls his eyes at me.....


  10. @edwardsisobel - I'm going to date myself here, but my first thought was that your son looks like a young Robbie Benson. Ok. That's not true. My first thought was that your son is gorgeous!!! Good luck fending of the girls! LOL! I love the long hair btw.

  11. @17foreverLisa: lol I am dating myself just by having 2 teenage sons! Yeah I vaguely remember Robbie Benson in Ice Castles....when I was younger I had a huge thing for Sean Cassidy from the Hardy Boys. Yeah I think both my boys are good looking but I am their Mum...I could be biased?? Already having trouble with girls chasing them but pretty proud that they seem to be sticking with good morals...unlike some of the girls... OMG one girl broke up with Jordan a few months ago because he wasn't ready to take things further.

    The boys are skater doods so long hair is the go. When it gets too long I plait it just to annoy them enough to get a trim.... Maybe that's what Jackson needs to do - plait his hair and remind them he looks like a girl on a bad hair day!


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