Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear 6 yr old Rob...

Day #3 of Robmusement's Birthday Blog Train!

Yes Rob, yes I do.

This edition of the blog train is supposed to be a letter or card to Rob, for his birthday of course....

6 year old Rob

May 13th, 1992

Dear little Rob,

Happy 6th birthday! I hope you had a fun day today and received all sorts of goodies!
I realize that you don't know, & may never know, who I am. That's ok. My name is Jen, & I'm writing you from the future...2010 to be exact.

I felt it was my duty to let you know that one day you're going to be FAMOUS. And I'm not talking just a little bit. You know how New Kids on the Block are really famous in the states right now? Well you're going to be much more famous than that. You'll start out modeling, then move onto some English films. You'll land a small part in a very popular movie that deals with witchcraft & wizardry, then you'll land a HUGE roll as a Vampire in a very popular book to movie saga.

At first, girls wont be too thrilled that you landed this roll. You may even receive some hate mail. This is due in part to the popularity of the books, and the main character of the book described as being "Adonis-like" & "painstakingly beautiful." Don't fret though, before you know it, your popularity will sky rocket to ridiculous stardom. Young girls will have trouble separating you from your character in this Vampire movie, and women of ALL ages will adore you.

It might seem scary & completely overwhelming at first. However I assure you, the fans only have the best intentions.

I hope you find peace with stardom & remain close w/ your family & those you love (Kristen Stewart...your future co-star) and that love you. You're a good person Robert Pattinson. Keep your chin up, try to stay true to yourself, and keep smiling that 1,000 watt smile.

P.S. I realize a lot of this is hard to comprehend at 6 years old, so please keep this letter and re-read it in about 6 more years.

Love Always,


A forever fan.

* I do realize if Rob really read this as a child, he'd probably would have been scared shit-less, and never tried out for the role as Edward Cullen....Lucky for us, he never read it ;)

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Last but certainly not least, I have attached some things I'd probably be blogging about if I wasn't participating in Robmusement's wonderful week-long Birthday Blog Train. Click on the titles to be magically transported...No porn sites, promise!

Sneak peak of Robert, Kristen & Taylor on Oprah!

Twilight Examiner's Eclipse Merchandise Wrap-Up.

Photo of Rob w/surprised fans from Oprah show!

Taylor Lautner shopping at Nike in LA. (hot)

Ashley Greene out for coffee in LA. Beautiful!

Eclipse soundtrack artist list...thus far!

2010 MTV Movie Awards for Twilight peeps!!!

If you're reading this today...even though I posted it Wed night...


5/14/2010 Cheers!!!




  1. OMR.. this was soooo sweet! Loved it! So original... I need ot be more original...


  2. 6 year old Rob!! I can only imagine what my 6 year old would think... so creative - loved it.

    Thanks for the catch up on Twi-gossip too - I've apparently been in a bubble as had missed most of those stories. (PS I clicked on Taylor shopping first, of course - what's with the stain on his shirt??? is that drool???? lol)

  3. So cute!
    I'm glad he didn't read your letter either...I can't imagine my life without him!


  4. @Raitz: Maybe he's leaking from his wolf-titty? LMAO!

    You know I love ya!

  5. LMAO at the New Kids line! (though it makes me feel really O-L-D!) This was f*cktastic! Looking at little Robbie you would have never guessed!

  6. Ahh what a week to have HUGE deadlines at work...I have been missing the Birthday Blog train and Oprah sneek peeks and sob.. everything. I have only logged in quickly to get my Robfix at lunchtime. Great post Jen. Will be back to check out your other posts later...

  7. @edwardsisobel: Sorry to hear about work crazyness! I have too much free time at work...hence my constant keep up on everything.
    The blog train has about 10 participants, so make sure to check out their sites too! Each night has a theme!
    xo J

  8. Dear 6 year old Rob,
    Your penis is going to get hair on it. Love, Mrs. P

  9. @Mrs. P: PMSL! Leave it to you to come up with some smart ass comeback..biotch. *MUAH!*

  10. @ jen....I'm sorry..I'm just fucking exhausted from all this train riding. Lolol!!!!

  11. Cute letter to Baby Rob! (Saying that makes me think of Ricky Bobby and saying Baby Jesus.)

    Thankfully he didn't read that letter. And although I don't see Rob being adonis like, or over muscled as I call it, I do see that he is painstakingly beautiful to look at. *sigh*

  12. That's flippin' awesome!!! I love the letter to 6yo Rob! The comment from Mrs. P is cracking me up. LOL. Great post!


  13. Great job Jen ~ very sweet and creative!
    Leave it to Mrs. P to make it dirty.

    However since she went there ~
    @ Mrs. P ~ should you also tell him there will be many who create stories about and desire to worship said penis... once it gets hair on it?
    What? Too creepy?

    Much love ~ Ginny

  14. Dear Jen,
    you stole my mojo with little Rob...
    And can you believe that at that date (13th Mai 1992) I was 1 week away from becoming 1 year old?? bwaahhahaha


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