Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do you hear that?

It's Robsten's chemistry sizzling!

Every once in a while a video comes along that turns me into a mushy gushy girly-girl. F*ck, who am I kidding, I AM A MUSHY GUSHY GIRLY-GIRL! Wait, scratch the Girly-girl part.

You may or may not be a Robsten fan, however I feel like this particular fan-made vid speaks volumes. The chemistry between these two is so hot it sizzles. The quality isn't that great...but pay attention to the looks these two give each other...WOW. They may or may not have been dating early on, but the chemistry was there. You can't deny it.

Sometimes I skip ahead thru vids (hangs head in shame) but it's really worth watching all the way through...unless of course you're going to throw daggers at your computer, then maybe you should just move on ;)


....waves at Lisa!

And if you haven't seen Twilight Junkies Anonymous "Post Oprah" post, click here. They do such a great job of recapping the show and have kept us in the loop throughout their entire Oprah adventure. I have to love these girls simply because they seem to give a Crapsten!

Check out the second half of this backstage vid...if you watch from about 2 minutes on, you really get a sense of their flirtatious ways.

On another Robsten note, I have been sucked deep into the vortex or Robsten FF (hides from JJ.) I can completely understand how some of you don't "get it." I can't get into FF where Edward & Bella are anything but Edward & Bella..sorry. BUT, if you are at all interested in trying out Robsten stuff...I recommend "Beyond Twilight." It's on, which means if you haven't already, you'll need to sign up, it's FREE! "Beyond Twilight" basically follows Rob & Kristen from the wrap of filming Twilight's good...and don't fret, it does have lemons.

FYI: For complete info on the Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere of Eclipse, click here.



  1. My cheeks kinda hurt from smiling so much while I was watching that last vid...they are all soooo stinkin' cute! Did they say "spoon for an afternoon"? HOLLA!

    That first video is amazing!! I could watch it over and over...and over!

    I have really loved reading Twilight Junkies Anonymous posts about their O experience!!


  2. @Tess: Thanks Tess...I know, they are sooo cute!

  3. *waves back* I. LOVE. THIS. POST. But then, you knew I would.

    Like Tess, I couldn't stop smiling when I watched it the first time through. The Twilight first kiss was even in b&w at one point. Woot woot! I love how he licks his lips at the 3:33 mark. Then I watched it again (What? Is that wrong?! LOL!) and really listened to the lyrics. Ain't gonna lie. I got a little teary. The ending is perfect. *goosebumps*

    The backstage Oprah video is awesome. How adorkable is Rob???!!! And I'm pretty sure he admitted to spooning with Kristen. At least, that's what my Robsten brain heard. I laughed out loud when the wall behind him started to move and his reaction to it. It reminded me of the Ryan Seacrest interview where something similar happened to him, which is just hysterical. Kristen's voice sounded even sexier because I think she has a slight cold. I love her outfit. I love her hair. I love the way she teases Rob and he tells her to shut up. They have such great chemistry on and off the screen.

    Nice shout out to Marie at TJA, too!

    Love you long time, Jen!


    P.S.: Oh, yeah. Taylor was in that video, too, wasn't he? He seems like a good kid. LMAO!

  4. @Lisa: Check out post I just did...wowza Jackson hotness! Couldn't help myself!

    I think KStew had a cold too. During the show her eyes looked a little tired and her voice was crackly.

    Oh, and was Taylor in that backstage vid? You totally brought that to my attention! LMAO! jk
    xo J


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