Monday, May 3, 2010

Yes he does look rather juicy...

... don't YOU think?

Jackson at The Bamboozle in NJ on 4/30.

<--- Ho-ly FUCK.

* photos found over at twifans

Oh, and just in case you missed this one
(like I had)...
OK, hafta go now... and NO it's not because I have to study or take a bath. It's just that I'm drooling all over my keyboard now and it is slightly appalling, even to me.

Sweet Jacksonliciousy dreams :)


  1. LMAO! Love what you said at the end! OMG he looks A-MAZING! Fuck me now..please?

  2. Um btw, that's Jackson's oral sex face.

  3. Nice!!! Did you see that the Monkeys are going to be back in CA on 5/28?

  4. OH YES thanks! Retweeted that one yesterday...Excited! BUT, not going to's ALL AGES....and those shows are super annoying.

    We're pretty sure they'll be in town all of June so Jackson can do Eclipse promotions...We're praying for another Viper Room show. So worth the 2 hour drive. AND it would be show #5...altogether!

    xo J

  5. GAHHH! SO rock and roll...

    There's no denying he's a hottie, WHY does he look so effed up in every Twi movie?!

    Someone needs to start a Respect JRath campaign targeted at the Breaking Dawn costume designers.


    Love ya work girls :)

  6. I might need to write a post about that...I'll credit you for the "poodle hair" well as the "Respect JRath"
    (serioulsy, I might)

  7. Feel free to use it!
    We covered our faces for Respect Rob.. maybe we can all wear hats for JRath?! Lol

  8. oooh we could make 'respect jaction' tshirts

  9. Okays. He does look fucking edible. *gulp*
    Nom nom nom nom...I just love me some musicians. Hot, sweaty, sexy musicians. Good.


  10. I'm not a huge Jackson fan, but that last pic is so hott...scruffy and sexy. I likey.


  11. I think E might be getting a slight case of Jacksonitis!

  12. @Mrs. P: It was bound to get her sometime...what with all the stress of house-hunting. Lowers your immune system for sure.

  13. @Mrs.P @Jen ~ I have no idea what you're talking about! Hmph.

    don't tell rob...

  14. @elusive s - lmfao!!! ok now i can't get that image outta my brain!!

    veriword = "burprodi" - holy fuck even i won't go there...

  15. Hey, Elusive S!! Nice to see you posting. These are the sexiest pictures of Jackson I've seen to date!!!

  16. @SmartEPants-NOMNOMNOM is right! Glad to have infected you a bit, even if only a bit :)

    @Snarkier than you-is it the image of me drooling or the last image of jackson? :D

    @17foreverlisa-Nice to BE posting! I'm coming into lessening my class load in a bit so I think I'll be a bit less elusive. AGGGH Don't you LOVE the B&W one of him?? I thought of you!.


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