Sunday, May 30, 2010

Woohoo, 4 more! And is that, THE BEANIE?!?

Woohoo! We gained 4 followers overnight! 11 more till we reach 100!!! We're hoping to reach 100 by the Eclipse release date on June 30th...think we can?

Welcome new followers! Elusive S & I hope you come back often to check out our posts!

So today is Sunday, & I am leaving work a little early to go to my parents for a BBQ. Should be a great time hanging out with family & friends.

This is what I got when I google-imaged "Robert Pattinson BBQ"
Not sure if that's what he's eating, but he seems not to like it very much.

Think I'd leave without some new pics of Kristen (& Taylor) in Syndey AU? Click here!
OH, and more importantly...have you seen the pics of the beanie KStew is wearing while in AU??? MB seems to think it's "THE BEANIE!" It's a total coincidence that Rob happens to be wearing a beanie in the pic above...I wasn't searching for that when I googled Robert Pattinson + BBQ.



  1. I DO think it's THE beanie! What's all this "seems to" business??!! I tried to find photographic evidence, and will keep working on it. But it wouldn't be the first time she's worn something of his - remember the white shirt a few months back??

  2. @MB- I totally think it is THE BEANIE, but I'm trying to be skeptical for fairness reason...lmao! Don't want to get too excited!
    xo J

  3. All the recent pictures of Rob that I've seen, he's wearing a baseball cap. FURTHER EVIDENCE!!! ;) I just think she's wearing it unrolled, while he always rolls it up at the ends.
    Hopefully we can get other opinions and get to the bottom of Beaniegate! LMAO

  4. Now you only need 8. Did you see Snarkier Than You tweeted your request for followers? I just did the same for you. Hope it works. Have a great time at the BBQ!!!

  5. @Dandrdafne- Aww I figured she might have, I'll have to say thank you! And, thank you to you too!
    xoxo J

  6. Hey I'm new, I think I'm one of the 4 that joined last night. Just wanted to say HI and tell ya I look forward to visiting here like I do my other Twilight blogs that I follow.

    I have put your link to the blog on my FB as I have TONS of friends that are Twilight/Rob Fans. Hopefully some of them will follow ya :D

  7. yes! I totally called that as soon as I saw those pics of her!

  8. @Simple Complexity and Cat- Thank you so much for following us. Hopefully we can keep you entertained. Check out my blog roll, tons of other great blogs on there too.
    Come back often!

  9. Of course it's THE beanie. It would be too much of a coincidence. I don't get these two, or Kristen for that matter. She gives Rob the death glare when he mentions he's been spooning with her before, but then she goes out in public wearing his shirt, his beanie. She's such a tease, lol.

  10. I feel bad for her - I finally read that Elle interview, and I can totally relate to how she feels about the fame. I think I would feel the same way. Viva Robsten!


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