Thursday, May 6, 2010


Robsten is back in So Cal...I can breathe easy now. LMAO. Here's one pic of them arriving at LAX from Chicago, where they taped the Oprah show which is airing on May 13th. If you want to view the rest of the photos, go here.

I always feel like Robs head is too big for that hat.


(new know you wanna peek!?!)

I'm actually liking the return of the "cooler" colors. I had heard David Slade was trying to bring back the color palate that Catherine Hardwicke had originally used in Twilight.
The cooler colors seem to fit the Vampire vibe more.
Originally I expected to like the warmer/neutral colors that Chris Weitz brought to New Moon, but I ended up thinking it looked too warm. Ok does any of that makes sense? Probably not.

Edward is looking SEXY. Wow. I just want to wrap my arms around him and inhale his sunflowers & lavender essence ;) I'm also really liking his hair from this shot.

What do you think about the return of the cooler colors? What do you think of Edward? Tell me, in the comments!

P.S. If you didn't see my post with the vid of KStew from the Elle mag shoot, check it out here.



  1. I always feel like we are soooo lucky the paparazzi even found them when they don their incognito hats and shades like that. Is that Madonna's ex-hubby hanging behind them?

    Edward is killing me. F*ck june 30th! I want Eclipse in my DVD player tonight!

  2. That totally looks like Guy're right.

  3. I'm glad you brought that up...I am totally loving the cooler colors! I'm like you, and I thought I would like the warmer colors CW brought to NM, but didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Eddie's hair looks super freakin' hott in that side shot!!! I like the group shot of the Cullen men...yummy!

    Ahhhh, nice to see Robsten in the airport together. I love that hat, because Rob loves that hat...same goes for the Adidas...and the Ray-Bans. I'm also now a huge fan of Hot Pockets. LOL


  4. I can't help but see all of these Eclipse pictures even though I'm trying to remain pure. I also can't help but notice that Carlisle looks like an Old Navy mannequin. What's up with that?

  5. @Mox: Sowwwy for fucking with your Twiman. You should totally do a post about that...Carlisle: Vampire Doc by day, Old Navy Mannequin by night!

  6. I think I will. Thanks Jen :)

  7. I like the cooler colors, and what you said totally made sense. But at least Carlisle isn't wearing 6 shirts at once here.

  8. I am liking the cooler colors too. I understand the warmer colors because it dealt more with the wolves but the cooler colors are more Forksish. If that makes any sence. Edward is looks very fine! Maybe since he is happier in this movie we will get to look at his beautiful face head on and not always looking to the side. I hated most everything that Catherine Harwick did with the 1st movie and think she ruined the story but one thing that was right was Jasper's hair. I was hoping they would get rid of his "mom hair" in Eclipse.


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