Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's reignite your Twilight flame!

STY over at Twitarded recently posed the question, "Are you.....over it?" It, being Twilight. If you think you are, you probably wouldn't be reading our blog, but if you're feeling a little unsure, watch the video below.

PS...there is a little story behind this vid...I'll try & make it quick..

So the other day I heard the song "Breathe Me" by Sia...and for some reason my mind kept flashing to Robert Pattinson, but I couldn't figure out why. I pulled up YouTube and started frantically searching for what could possibly make me think of him while hearing this song.

Finally, after searching through a few videos on YouTube, I realized it was used in the trailer for Remember Me. DUH! So glad I figured it out, it was driving me nuts! During my frantic search, I stumbled across this amazingly beautiful video.

*Such a fantastically done vid, love it*

Now if that doesn't reignite your Twilight flame, then I'm not sure what will...

Truthfully, I have never been "over it." I must admit though, there was a time when I started to feel a bit let down... It was right when Rememer Me hit theaters and they released that crappy ass excuse of a trailer. I walked out of the theater thinking "Oh my gawd, that was so shitty...crap, is there something wrong with me??? No, there is nothing wrong with me, DS has royally f*cked this up, he should have stuck to blood thirsty zombies." Then eventually Summit released some bad boys like these...and all was forgiven.

Tight lil'
Eclipse Virgins: Skip over this vid!

Similarly to what STY said...I am not as slap-happy-24/7- giddy at the prospect of seeing Eclipse....but I'm pretty freakin' excited. I think it has something to do with it being the 3rd movie, not the 2nd. I feel as though sequels are accompanied by so much more anticipation. We didn't know if New Moon was going to be all we wanted it to bed, but from what we have seen of Eclipse, I'm pretty sure we're going to be more than satisfied.

Will "it" eventually be over? Yeah, once Breaking Dawn part II is released on DVD...sometime in 2012 ;) But even then I'm sure we'll obsess for a little while longer.

Twilight aside...I know I'll never get over this...

*Biels new vid is amazing. I love her choice in songs*

In fact one day I'll be 90 years old, showing my great grandchildren pictures of Robert Pattinson circa' 2010 & give myself a heart attack. Not a bad way to die if you ask me...



  1. "Breathe Me" is also a fanfiction title you may have seen. I haven't read it yet but I hear it's a Robsten one.

    I love Biel's devotion to Rob.

  2. I've loved that song ever since it was on Six Feet Under's series finale! And ESPECIALLY when it was used on Remember Me's trailer! Boyfriend noted how happy i was to see the Precious and a great song together! :)

  3. Just watched Biel's video with Rob's moments....DAMN he truly is the most beautiful creature on the planet....

  4. beils vids = perfection! love her... and the other (non-spoily - lol) vid is awesome too!

    : )

  5. love that song, and love that video. whenever i hear "breathe me" i think of the vanity fair photo shoot with rob and kristen. so hot. i posted it on my blog the other day. (scroll down and you'll see it)

    i love all things twilight foreva.

  6. ooh and thanks for the Rob Schedule!

  7. that Biel vid is AMAZING!!! seriously - I'm going back to watch it again rite now!!!


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