Monday, May 24, 2010

You are so kick ass, I heart you.

There are times when I want to post something really bad because I want to share it with anyone who maybe hasn't seen it yet. But I know lots of you joke about posting just to post...I hope you don't think that's what I'm doing. I adore Kristen Stewart (yah yah yah) and loved this photo shoot. She is so kick ass, I heart her BIG TIME.

Major straight girl

xoxo J


  1. Your blog, your rules. You can post whatever whenever you want. Gorgeous pictures are always welcome :)

  2. What??? You like KStew??? I never would have known that! LMAO
    Girl, you post what makes you happy! I've been watching a bunch of the Stew's (non-Twi) movies, and I heart her too.

  3. That whole video edited with b&w and color was hot!! Great find, Jen.


    P.S.: She is totally jumping on you know who at the 52 second mark ;)

  4. @Dandrdafne- Thx. *muah!*

    @MB - Hmm, I have seen Speak, Panic Room, Adventureland & The Runaways. I have yet to see Into the Wild, Cakeeaters...Hmmm might have to rent a movie tomorrow night.

    @Lisa- OMG, you think of the BEST things...LMAO! I just had to go back and look at the 52 sec mark. Ride em' cowgirl! PS I can't take credit for finding it...twifans (i think) tweeted it.

    xo J

  5. She's beautiful for sure. It's so weird how there is no separating her and Bella...she is Bella. She's put all of herself into the character. It's very admirable. When I watch videos and interviews of her, I'm just reminded of how much of her mannerisms she brought to the role. Great video!


  6. I think she's a cute girl and I could see how Rob would be taken by her. She's intense and he's a goof. They are a perfect balance.

  7. Honey - you post whenever you wanna post - we love you for it. We all need a bit of random these days ;)

    I swear, I think KStew is almost TOO hot for a girl crush - how can her combo of good looks, goofy and mannerisms be so hot?? No freakin clue. I guess it's because she can also be normal and grunge - dunno. It's all pretend anywho :) but good for her. And for Rob ;) lol

    Post away....!!

  8. I have no issues with KStew. I love her awkwardness and the way she seems so shy. I think it's kind of endearing. Thanks for sharing that video. It rocked!


    You can post whatever you like hun! Can't please everyone right? :)

  9. @Tess - I totally agree w/ u about the Bella thing!

    @HG - I like you're thinking on that one. "Perfect balance."

    @ATXgal- Thanks :)

    @TM - Thanks to you too :)

    xo J


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